The Abnormal

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Chapter 3

Chapter 3

by: liberosis

Alex's POV

I padded down on the side of a creek, my paws knowing exactly where to go without needing much thought of my own. I paused and looked at myself in the reflection of the flowing water.

It wasn't my face but I knew it as well as if it were my very own. I guess you can say it is my face though.

A pair of brown eyes stared back at me. Gray and white fur surrounded those brown eyes. I had a muzzle and a pair of ears above my head. They twitched as I took in every sound around me.

I had ran from the pack two days ago. I couldn't stand them and their mysterious legends. Myths. Stories of our ancestors. But there's one especially that has been on everyone's minds. The most mysterious legend of our wolf 'savior'. This wolf is supposed to be more than just a wolf. We don't know who that is or who that might be. It's such a big thing to everyone.

I had said a bunch of terrible things out of my anger towards them for believing in such crap. For believing such a wolf would even exist. Someone who we don't know. For trusting that that one wolf will save us from enemies and keep them at a truce with us.

I shook my head and looked away from the reflection.

The truth is I regret saying those things to them. Especially Jack. But I was still frustrated at them for believing in that. They probably won't let me back in the pack. They probably won't even want me back. I know I wouldn't want to have myself back if I were them.

I shook my head. How confusing of me.

I froze.

Someone was speaking through my mind. Was it Jack?

Hot tears run down my cheeks as the pain starts becoming even more unbearable. A shudder ripples through my body.

I'm trembling hard and I try to gain my control. But it's too late.

I'm too confused to be able to try getting my control back anyway. What is going on with me?

Something hot ran through my veins and it burned everything along its way. I barely had time to react.

I shrieked.

No it wasn't Jack. It was someone else. A female. How dare she shift in school. Doesn't she know we're not supposed to shift in front of humans? But something was wrong. Terribly wrong. For one, her thoughts were fading in and out.

I realized I was gripping the table with both hands. I was holding on so hard that my fingers were leaving dents in it. I didn't................... I really needed something to hold on to. Something that will.............. Something that makes me think this isn't happening. But the............. hard for me to believe.

I squeezed my eyes shut.

In school. In school. What school? I need to get to her fast. I followed her thoughts as they continued. They were faint. But why? And... how can I hear her thought's if she has not yet shifted. Who is she?

I sprinted.

Suddenly, my skin started to shift.

It all happened fast and yet slow. But before it finished, everything was fire.

...... My bones crushed together painfully. My body got smaller. My legs and arms grew shorter. I had a muzzle and paws and a tail........ I was standing on all fours.

I opened my mouth to speak but only a whine came out.

I panicked.

What's going on? What is this?

I saw things through her eyes.

She looked around the room seeming to search for something. Everyone was frozen. They were staring at her in shock.

I backed away and bowed my head, shaking it. I whined again.

And then I realized it.

'New, are you?' I asked.

'What's happening? New?' She thought. 'Am I speaking to myself? Please tell me that I just fell asleep in class.'

'No, you're not sleeping. And no, you're not talking to yourself.' I answered.

'What's going on with me?' She thought.

'Get out of there. Now. I'll help you and tell you on our way.'

I was almost there.

'To where?' She asked.

But I ignored her question. There was no way I could tell her. She would probably freak out more than she already was. And then who knows what would happen to the pack.

I ran faster. It was snowing over here. The clouds were gray and dark. The ground was covered in snow. It made a soft crunch-ing sound as I ran. I was almost there.

The door opened and her head snapped up. A girl walked in with a piece of paper in her hand. The girl froze in place as she took in the wolf front of her. But I didn't.

I jumped off the table and ran out the still open door. It felt odd. I was running on all fours. I felt off balance and yet not at the same time.

'That's what happens when you're a wolf.' I informed, then cursed myself internally, realizing the mistake I had just made. Hadn't I said I wouldn't tell her any of this so she wouldn't freak out?

I stopped running. I was in her school. I stood by some bushes.

And then there she was, running out of a classroom. She stopped, a few feet away from me.

Her fur was pure white. Not one patch of some other color. Pure white. So pure it seemed to shine on such a snowy day. She seemed to almost blend in with the snow. Her eyes were silver. She was smaller than me. But I must say, she is the most beautiful wolf I had ever seen.

'Wolf?' She asked.

'Yes.' I said and nodded.

She stepped back and gave a low whine.


I was silent. Out of the whole pack, she was the first to guess the truth almost right away. She was also the first to feel all that pain she had as she shifted for the first time. None of us had. It hadn't been as painful. In fact, it hadn't been painful at all.

'Yes.' I answered.

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