Profile Contest! (Winner Announced!)

Chapter 1

Contest Info, Rules, etc.

Okay, so the idea is to incorporate as many fandoms into your profile as possible! Be creative and use all of your resources! (Nickname, about me, theme, background, profile pic, location, etc.) Although you do want to try to incorporate as many as possible, it isn't completely based on numbers. It's based on:
Creatively using your profile resources
Making it appealing to the eye
Incorporating a variety of fantoms(don't repeat the same ones!)
Clearly showing which fandoms that you are a part of
Anything else that i decide to judge you based on(i'll let you know, don't worry. or will i? idk XD)

You cannot use more than one profile for one entry. Each profile is a separate entry.
You cannot credit your profile after you enter until the winners have been chosen
You must follow all of the requirements below

AFTER you have changed your profile, sign up in the comments below.
If you are to use things like location, or any other things that i may not pick up, please explain it in the comments below.

I will try to decide a reasonable deadline soon.

May the odds be ever in your favor!

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