I have an idea!~ Sign up NOW!!~

I have an idea!~ Sign up NOW!!~

Please read! I have an idea.

Chapter 1

Spiritual online fun, free and awesome courses!

Hello everyone!

I have literally come up with an idea and I have no idea if you'll want to be part of it but here it goes. As you probably can tell i'm very spiritual and i've had so many great experiences so if anyones interested! I'm planning to do some spiritual topics with a series of levels you can achieve. I'll basically create a story then do a quiz.

I'm doing two for now and if these go well I'll add more. Please take part, its a bit of fun and you'll learn new things! I'm signing people up so comment and I'll add you to the list.

The courses so far are:

~Angel course:
Ever wanted to contact the angelic realms? On this course you'll learn all about these beautiful winged creatures in a range of topics. I will do a level 1, level 2 level 3, masterclass and expert.

~Kabbalah course.
Kabbalah is an ancient wisdom that explains all about life in unque ways, it involves past lives and how to overcome personal weaknesses. Its not a religion just a smal belief, I will do level 1, level 2, level 3, masterclass and expert.

theres no time limit do it over months, years and decades. Its only a bit of fun and Its interesting so have fun, and please message me for more information.

Much love,
Angel xoxoxoxooxoxxoxoxo


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