the origins of nightmare bringer

the origins of nightmare bringer

currently work in progress but needs help please

Chapter 9

a shared birthday

“damnit” said jeff smiling that crazy smile
I got up feeling pretty tired but at the same time rested and at peace
“anyone else home?” I asked
“nah just you and me at the moment” said jeff “by the way happy birthday”
“wait its my birthday?” I asked confused
“yep… didn’t you know?” said jeff
“kinda…how did you know?” I asked
“found a note book with your birthday written in it” said jeff
“oh…” I said walking over and punching jeff in the arm “that’s called a diary”
I spent time playing with smile while I waited for everyone to come back, then threw the stick a bit too far
“smile! Come back boy” I said walking after him
“it landed by the lake” said will revealing himself
“crap! Will you scared me” I said and smile came running back nearly knocking me over
“sorry, thought I come see you on your birthday” he said coming up and giving me a kiss
“thanks will” I said kissing him back
Then jeff came up and told us to follow him
“where are we going jeff?” asked will
“your find out” said jeff
Then everyone jumped out
“happy birthday!!” they yelled
Then splendy came up behind me
“hya Kitra and happy birthday” said splendy but I was half way up a tree by then
“jesus, don’t do that” I said, climbing down
“sorry it’s a habit” said splendy
We spent the rest of the day having fun and I found out I shared my birthday with a little girl named sally so I let her pick all the games and then it came to hide and seek and I was looking for her but I was having a lot of trouble finding her as I chase her giggles
Then I looked up
“you little cheek!” I said laughing
“I cant get down…” said sally
“here jump I’ll catch you” I said and she jumped down landed in my arms
“nice catch” said will
“thank you but I wasn’t going to let her fall” I said
“kitra?” said sally
“hm?” I said
“tag your it!” she said running away
“come back here you little rascal I wasn’t ready” I said chasing after her
Soon both me and sally were tired and we sat under a tree talking for awhile
“so…whats you favourite colour?” I asked
“pink, yours?” asked sally
“gold, like my claws” I said as the sun set
“hey follow me…I have something to show you” I said heading towards the lake
“ok what’s so special about the lake?” asked sally
“watch” I said and the lake erupted into a colourful fountain of colour
“wow… its pretty” said sally
“you know I always wanted a little sister, but all I got was brothers” I said laughing
“can I be your little sister?” asked sally
“sure, I like you a lot anways” I said smiling
“im tired…” said sally before she fell asleep
“come on lets get back” I said before I picked sally up and walked back to the house.

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