the origins of nightmare bringer

the origins of nightmare bringer

currently work in progress but needs help please

Chapter 3


The white specks float down and I saw them slowly cover my father’s dead body and kneeled down and sung the lullaby again this time though I stopped halfway through as my vision blackened and the last thing I saw was ben and Jeff running towards me as my vision faded to black
“Slendy!! Get the first aid quick!!” Jeff yelled putting me on my bed for Timmy at the time was with toby and masky getting wood for a large bonfire outback to celebrate my choice of joining the proxy that had become my new family, and slenderman came in and handed Jeff the first aid kit and started to bandage my shoulder and eye.
“she going to be fine, just in a lot of pain and her eye was miss by just mere millimetres but it will still scar…hope she will still be able to see…” said Jeff as he stitched up my shoulder after removing the bullet “jeez…how is her shoulder not shattered? This bullet is from a shotgun”
“She tough she’ll of kept fighting till her last breath” said ben, and after I was treated they left the room
“What’s going on? Why is Jeff so on edge?” asked masky as he, toby and Timmy came back with a heap of wood for the fire
“Timmy why don’t you go out and see if you can build kitra a snowman?” said Jeff and Timmy ran out to proceed with the task
“What’s going on?” asked toby
“Kitra went and fought her father, she killed him but she had been shot in the shoulder and her eye was bleeding when we got there” said ben looking quite worried
“Jeez…she going to be alright?” asked masky
“For now she will be but…later I don’t know” said Jeff
After a few days I woke with searing pain in my shoulder and unable to see a thing
“Hello? Anyone there?” I said, notice I spoke it out of my mouth instead of my head, upon hearing someone running into the room, I listened hard to figure out when someone slammed into me and it stung my shoulder but I was wondering who it was when they spoke
“Sis! Your awake, I thought you were dead” said Timmy, I felt him starting to cry but I hugged him despite the fact I couldn’t see and it hurt my shoulder.
“I wasn’t going to leave you alone, was i?” I said smiling, wincing when I finally felt the pain in my shoulder as I reach up to feel the bandage on my eye but a hand stop me
“let me do, I did it up earlier cause it had come loose, but I guess you want to see Timmy” said ben and I felt the bandage loosen and bright light shone in my eye hurting at first but soon I opened it and ben looked at me funny
“What? What’s wrong with it?” I asked feeling worried
“Three things to say, one. You have your voice back two. Your eye, It’s brighter than usual and three. Your scar looks like the operator symbol” said ben
“Brighter? What do you mean?” I asked
“It’s almost blinding” said ben
“Really, might I ask something?” I said
“Yeah?” Said ben
“Have I been accepted as a proxy?” I said smiling
“Yep... The day you defeated your father” said ben “want to get up?”
“Yes, I would like to, i hate being still for too long” I said standing up but nearly falling due to my legs being asleep
“Still tired?” said ben laughing
“No, I’m full of energy” I said laughing back
When I walked out no one was at home at the time but ben, me and Timmy
“Where is everyone?” I asked looking around
“Don’t know” said ben then masky came in
“Oh your awake kitra” said masky coming up “come on everyone is waiting”
We headed out and I saw everyone waiting around a large bon fire
“Ah kitra good to see your awake, how you feeling?” said slenderman
“Better, what is with the giant bonfire?” I asked looking at the large pile of sticks
“Well we were planning to light it but we can’t, Jeff can’t light fires for crap” said ben, and Jeff came up to him
“Say that again I dare you” said Jeff
“back off, I’m not too sore to punch you in the face again” I said and the way Jeff looked at me I started to laugh “I’ll light it” and sent a blue fire ball at the bonfire, it flaring up blue
“Nice control of your fire power kitra” said Timmy
“Thanks Timmy” I said ruffing up his hair
The ground around the fire started to turn green again as the snow melted but it didn’t stop Jeff from throwing a snowball at me, hitting the back of my head
“Jeff… you might want to run…” I said before I ran at him, chasing him around until he crashed into a tree
“Ha! Cant outrun a cat” I said helping him up
A few weeks later my shoulder had somewhat healed enough for me to start my duties as a proxy, I would sit in trees and report any one entering the forest to masky or hoodie who then told slender

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