the origins of nightmare bringer

the origins of nightmare bringer

currently work in progress but needs help please

Chapter 2

my first fight and dad's return

Later everyone was in the lounge room and I was sitting drawing in the pad a picture of ben who was fast asleep on the couch next to me
“What are you drawing?” asked masky who had come up behind me; I showed him the unfinished picture
“That very good, you’re a good drawer” said masky
“Thank you” I wrote I resumed drawing but Jeff decided to hit him with a pillow and wake him up, so I pick up a pillow and threw it at him hitting him the face
“Why you little” he said starting towards me but I just got up and hit him with another
“Pillow fight!” I wrote with a smiley face
“Really?” said Jeff “how old are you!?”
I just sat down thinking that he didn’t know how to have fun when a pillow hit me in the head; I turn and saw Jeff laughing so I pick up the pillow and threw it at him but he ducked and it hit slenderman
“Who threw that?” asked slenderman
“Sorry I was aiming for Jeff, but he ducked…”I wrote feeling like an idiot
“If you’re going to throw things take it outside” he said and he left the room
“Good idea, I teach you a bit while I dodge you pillows” said Jeff heading outside
“Won’t be pillows next time” I thought to myself

Soon I was throwing knifes with deadly accuracy at a target that Jeff had carved into a tree, each time getting a bullseye
“Jeez, have you always been throwing knifes? Because it took me weeks to get a bullseye” said Jeff
I shook my head, showing that this was new to me
“Hm…” he said then he ran at me but I jumped up and kicked him in the back creating a fireball in my hand and throwing it at him
“whoa!" he said dodging the fireball which hit a tree turning it into ash instantly, I felt like I had to kill something or someone, so I kept throwing fireballs at Jeff at one point I was in the air firing at him when a tentacle grab my shoulder and slammed me into the ground then I was in a tight grip around me and fought to get free
“she defiantly not human” said slenderman as I fought against his grip, finally biting the tentacles making him drop me and soon I was standing wings wide open, eye glowing red, hands now had giant claws on them and I was pissed, fire burning behind me and ears gleaming in the firelight
“What’s going on?” asked Jeff
“for once I have no idea” said slenderman and he tried to grab me again and I growl and flew off towards a nearby town, my town and started to destroy everything in sight, soon an explosion drew my attention to a heap of people in green camo clothes and a large vehicle they called a tank appeared and the tank shot another shell at me I dodge sending a fireball at the tank and it burst into flames sending the people scattering. I flew up and heard a whistling coming towards me, I turned and saw a rocket flying towards me I had enough time to block before it hit sending me into a rage I flew at the source of the rocket as more came flying they hit me causing me great pain but I flew still at the jets destroying one before the others fired at me, I fell from the sky into a clearing of the forest. When I woke I was in some kind of container and at once I slam against the walls of the container smashing though, I ran killing anyone in my way before I reach a point where a static pierced though my clouded thoughts and I fell to my knees grabbing my head then I black out again
When I came to I was chained in a seemly cold room made of steel and I heard a voice though the door and it opened
“Kitra? Are you awake?” asked Toby walking in holding the pad and pen, taking off the chains on my wrists and placing the pad in front of me, but I was still sore from the rockets
“What happened?” I wrote on the pad “and why do I feel like I fell from the sky?”
Toby scratched his head looking a bit worried
“I haven’t a clue nor does slendy” he said, seeing how tired I was he left the room and brought back a blanket but I had already fallen asleep with my hair draped over my face, so he pulled the blanket over me and left
“Status of kitra’s strange transformation?” asked slenderman
“Seems idle and she seems not to remember anything, just that feels like she fell from the sky” said toby
“Jeez who knew the kid I almost killed was a pyromaniac demon?” said Jeff
“Pyromaniac demon huh? Nice words Jeff” I had thought as I entered the room little did I know my thought had been projected in some kind physical voice and they turned to me
“What? Is there something behind me?” I thought and I turned around and saw I had wings and a long lizard like tail “huh, what is going here?”
“You’re talking using the same thing as slendy what it is called again?” asked Jeff
“Telepathy Jeff she’s speaking using her mind meaning that somehow during her change she gain physic powers” explained masky
I was still in shock when I noticed that ben had appeared behind me
“Well that’s new” said ben “cute cat ears you have”
Instantly my hands went to my head and I felt two silky cat ears, and also the bandage over my right eye was gone. I covered it and hid back in the room
“What was that about?” asked ben coming in “what’s wrong with your eye?
I turned my back to him
“I don’t have an eye there” I said turning around, my left eye shining bright green the other a black hole with slight amount of red inside
“Jeez…how that happens?” asked ben sitting next to me
“My father did it…he was drunk…” I said looking down my eye starting to tear up
“Hey if you like I can kill him” said ben
“That be nice but I’ve already done that….” I said smiling at the memory “I tore his face off with my bare hands, and I was removed from family along with Zac and Timmy” then I went quiet
“What’s wrong?” ben asked
“I regret everything I did that day, because not long after I saw Jeff kill my mother” I said and I started to cry.
Then ben hugged me
“Look if you regret it, I’ll have a chat with slendy to erase you memory…if you like” he said
“That would be good…” I said before falling asleep leaning against ben
He put on my bed and left the room
“Where kitra?” asked slenderman
“Sleeping, she still tired from her…rampage” said ben sitting down on the couch
“So what’s the story behind her eye?” asked toby
“Her father pulled it out and she ripped his face off” ben said, looking at slenderman “she also agreed to her memory being wiped”
“What!? She did?” said slenderman seeming shocked
“Her father did it!?” said Jeff “bastard!”
“Yes to both questions” said ben
“But…there is a problem…” said slenderman “her memory is immune to my memory wipe”
“What?” asked ben
“My memory is unable to be wiped?” I said as I entered the room
“Yeah sorry…” said ben as masky enter the room
“I just found a five year old named Timmy running around in the forest, says he looking for his sister” said masky, and I ran out of the house into the forest
“Timmy!! Where are you, it’s me kitra” I yelled
“Kitra… is that you?” said Timmy as he came out of hiding
“Yes come here” I said and he ran into my arms crying
“I missed you where did you go?” asked Timmy through sobs
“I went to look for a tree so I could make a treehouse for you but I got lost I’m sorry” I said
“You have ears? Can I touch them?” asked Timmy reaching up and touching my ears
“Well so do you Timmy, they are like a puppy’s” I said smiling
On his head, among the brown scruffy hair was a pair of floppy puppy ears and on his back were small bird wings that were similar to that of an owl, and a large fluffy tail wagged behind him
“I’m a tri beast like you sis, part husky, part phineox and part human” he said and I looked at him confused
“Tri beast? So that’s what I am, well Timmy I’m a part cat, part dragon and human too” I said “come on let me introduce to some ah…people I meet while I was lost”
When I got back to the house, Timmy seemed….scared
“What’s wrong?” I asked crouching down in front of him
“That’s where the smiling man lives” he said
“Don’t worry he hurts you I’ll punch him” I said and he smiled at me
“So you went looking for the boy did you?” asked slenderman as I entered with Timmy
“Sis?” asked Timmy
“Yeah?” I asked looking at him
“Who is the tall man?” he asked
“Hello child, I am the slenderman, nice to meet you Timmy” said slenderman as masky, hoodie, ben and toby came into the room
“So he is your brother?” asked toby
“Yep, he is my little brother” I said ruffing up his hair more
“Hi…” said Timmy hiding behind me
“Timmy this is toby, the one in the black mask with the sad look is hoodie and that’s masky you meet him in the woods earlier” I said and Timmy went straight up to ben
“Kitra its link! His real I told you” said Timmy “hi link!”

“That is ben” I said looking at ben, who seem kinda shocked “his favourite games had always been the legend of Zelda”
“Oh?” said ben kneeling in front of Timmy “have you played majora’s mask?”
Timmy shook his head “daddy never got it”
At the mention of my father I hissed softly, Timmy turned to me and I tried to smile
“Oh sis I forgot to mention that daddy survived the bear attack and he coming home! Isn’t it great” said Timmy
At the thought that he had live I fell to my knees
“The bastard still alive…I thought I killed him…” I said head down my eye glowing brighter
“Kitra… you did that to daddy?” said Timmy I looked up and he hide behind ben
“I’m going to go for a walk, ben make sure Jeff doesn’t hurt him” I said before I left the house passing Jeff on the way “you hurt Timmy and I’ll tear you to pieces”
“Timmy?” said Jeff “the little kid I spared because he looks like kitra? Why...” then he saw Timmy hiding behind ben “Oh, why was she so upset looking?”
“Sis hurt daddy, and she upset because she thinks I hate her” said Timmy “but I was hiding because I heard you coming”
“Where was she going?” asked Jeff
“She heading to the lake” said jack, coming after jeff “that’s where I found her last time”
He was right at the time I had reached the lake it was shining bright green and yellow fireflies flew around one landing on my outstretched hand and it changed to purple and flew away, soon a magic geyser burst from the middle of the lake and the fireflies changed into all different colours and their light turned the lake into a shimming rainbow of water. the sight of it calm me and soon I was sitting watching the scene in front of me, I was so mesmerized by the sight I didn’t hear ben behind me
“Beautiful isn’t it?” said ben I jumped turning towards him
“Where is Timmy?” I asked looking at him “did Jeff hurt him?”
“no Jeff hasn’t hurt him, he actually had save him from your father returning by scaring him from the house “ said ben “it’s getting late and Timmy said his not going asleep without a song, he said you used to sing to him before you lost your voice”
When we got back Timmy was sitting near Jeff and was chatting away when he saw me
“Kitra!” he said before running up and hugging me, I fell laughing for I wasn’t expecting it
“Get off Timmy, come on time for bed kiddo” I said messing his hair up and took him to my room
“Sis?” asked Timmy
“Yes?” I said turning to him
“Sing mummy’s lullaby?” he said sitting on the bed
“Alright…” I said as he laid down I pulled the cover over him
Then I started to sing
“Don’t fret, do not fear”
“I am here my love”
“I shall protect you”
“I won’t let the monsters come”
“If they do”
“I will protect you…”
Soon as I finished he was asleep and I kissed him on the head and open the door to find ben and Jeff at the door
“Nice lullaby” said Jeff
“Sarcasm?” I said but I was shocked when he shook his head
“He actually was quiet and I had come up and asked what he was doing and he just told me to shut up and listen, and well that was enchanting” said ben
“Don’t tell Timmy this but I’m going to finish what I started” I said looking up… “I’m going to finish my father off” and I left for the place where my father was last seen by Timmy and waited for him to appear
I didn’t have to wait long
“Hello kitra… miss me?” said my father, holding a shotgun
“in your dreams bastard” was all I spat at him before I rushed him ready to kill, but he raised the gun and fire, the shot hitting my shoulder and sending me flying into a tree, blood starting gushing from my shoulder but I ran at supernatural speed slashing at his arm managing to cut into his flesh leaving it unusable and the gun on the ground, he ran at me managing to tackle me to the ground and we tussled to get at each other’s throat, soon I managed to bite at his neck but he had pulled out a knife and proceed to stab it into my other eye, screaming I punched at his chest, and a few minutes later his cooling heart was in my clawed hand and my father…the one who destroyed my old life…was dead and soon I knew I would follow soon with my shoulder bleeding and most likely my other eye gone, and I thought of Timmy and the others and remember all the fun I had and then it happened
It started to snow….

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