the origins of nightmare bringer

the origins of nightmare bringer

currently work in progress but needs help please

Chapter 1

the beginning

Hello my name is kitra claw...aka knows as the nightmare bringer, I’m a 16 year old teenager with silver hair with tips like fire. My family consist of Timmy who is five , Zackary or Zac claw, my brothers and only family left after our parents were brutally murdered, we both live with Zac's friends, Tommy and James and they all are 17...but that’s not all....
I was in an accident that left me without a voice....
Now being unable to speak is a curse to me, because i can't tell anyone how i feel or answer questions in school, people teased me calling me "mute" and soon i became depressed and hid from everyone...even Zac...soon i made a mistake......
One day I decided to run away…into the nearby forest
I had put on a grey hoodie, black jeans and a light blue shirt, I took a portable cd player with a cd containing songs that Zac, James and tommy had sung in there band “breaking hearts” and the earphones Zac had got me for the player. I entered the woods listening to the songs as I wandered into the dark, gloomy forest… soon I came across a baseball bat, and picked it up giving it a few good swings in front of me before a cracking noise drew my attention.
I pulled out my earphones and holding the bat tightly in front of me and I looked around, upon seeing nothing I relaxed slightly before another crack sounded behind me I turn and ducked as a shiny object came flying at me, turning I pulled the hatchet out and studied it wondering where it came from when a voice sounded from behind me.
“Th-that’s mine g-give it back” said the voice and turned around and saw a boy about Zac’s age
He was wearing orange goggles of some kind and what appeared to be a mouth guard, simple blue and brownish grey hoodie, black pants and brown hair. In his hand he held another hatchet.
“Did y-y-you hear me?” asked the boy
I nodded holding the hatchet out to him
“a-aren’t you afraid I’ll kill you?” the boy asked slowly coming closer before seeing the bat
“You think t-that can protect you?” said the boy but I simply just place the hatchet in his hands and started to back away, bat in hand
“I think you d-don’t understand who I am” said the boy
I turned around and he ran at me, but I was ready I waited and when he was close enough I swung the bat at his head as hard as I could but he blocked and soon I lied bleeding from my arm on the ground
“N-not bad of a swing... i must say” said the boy then he looked confused “why aren’t you screaming are you m-mute or something?”
Hearing that cause me to lose all sanity and I ran at the boy slamming my shoulder into the boy, he stumbled and looked surprised, when I looked behind me fire had started to spread into the trees and I knew instantly I had to get out of there but my shoulder was throbbing and my head was spinning from blood loss. I fell on my knees and my vision started to turn black but the fire was getting closer, but I couldn’t seem to move… then a hand on my hurt shoulder and I looked up to see the boy holding out his hand, with my head spinning I grab his hand and he helped me up and we escaped the fire before I blacked out.
When I woke again I was lying on a wooden floor in a dark room, I sat up and instantly felt dizzy, then I noticed that my arm was bandaged and so was my right eye for some reason.
“S-so your awake now?” said the boy standing in the door of the room “how are you feeling?”
I looked away from him; staring at the wall, shoulder throbbing
“Sorry forgot you can’t talk…” he said coming into the room “think you can stand?”
I nodded and managed to stand as a wave of dizziness washed over me, but the boy put hand on my shoulder to steadied me
I nodded, showing that I was trying to thank him and he lead me out into a larger dimly lit room, in there stood two other….people
One had brown messy hair and was wearing a yellowish orange jacket and black slacks and had a white mask with a female face on it
The other wore a dark yellow hoodie and black slacks his face was covered by a black mask with red eyes and a red stitched mouth
I stared at them, shaking thinking I was going to die…
“Don’t worry they are my friends” said the boy waving at the others
They came up but stopped when they notice that I was shaking
“No need to be afraid….we won’t hurt you I’m masky” said the one with the white mask
“And I’m toby, forgot to say that before” said the boy next to me “and that over there is hoodie…he doesn’t talk much…” pointing to the one with the stitched smile
“What is yours?” asked masky
I looked away and notice a pen and paper on a table so I walked over and wrote my name on it
“Kitra huh? So why were you alone in the forest?” asked toby
“Because I ran away, because i was angry” I wrote
“Angry? Why?” asked hoodie sounding like a robot
“They kept calling me mute…that’s why I attack you toby” I wrote looking at toby “sorry”
“That’s alright…so when does slender get here?” asked toby
“RIGHT HERE” said a booming voice that scared me and I did something unusual, I ran and hid from whatever it was
“What was that? I saw something run away” said the voice
“Sorry just an supernatural kid that toby found that only can communicate by pen and paper” said masky
“I’ll go find her” said hoodie and soon he appeared in front of me “come on, boss wants to meet you”
I followed him hiding in his shadow, and then I saw a tall man in a suit with a pale white face
“Hello child” said the man and I hid behind hoodie
“It’s alright sir won’t hurt you” said masky handing me the pad and pen
“Sorry I frightened you before, I am the slenderman but you can call me sir” said slenderman holding a hand out, slowly I shook his hand and calmed down
“I am kitra…hi” I wrote
“So what are you doing here in forest?” asked slenderman
“I ran away” was all I wrote before someone slam open the door and came in
“JEFF! CAN’T YOU EVER KNOCK!?” yelled slenderman, making me jump
“Well sorry…dafuq?” said Jeff when he saw me “what’s with the girl?”
He was probably the most terrifying of this group, with a large smile cut into his face and black around his eyes
Then I remembered his face, and started to shake again
“What’s wrong with her?” asked Jeff then he seemed to remember something “that’s right you’re the kid of that family I killed that survived and couldn’t talk… quite ironic really as I just finish killing your new family” then he started laughing
My eyes teared up at the memory of my mother dead body and the thought of Zac’s and Timmy’s bodies lying there, and then I ran out of the house into the dark of night crying
“Jeff what’s is wrong with you!?” said toby going after me but a new person had arrived at that time and stopped him
“I’ll get her” he said and soon I heard him behind me, but I hadn’t notice I was too upset at the time
“Hello? Kitra?” said the guy “I’m jack, eyeless jack”
I looked up at him, my eyes blurred from crying, he was wearing all black, black hoodie and pants and a blue mask with black eyes crying black liquid
“come on the others have gave Jeff a well stern talking to” jack said holding out a hand, I tooked it and he put an arm around me as we walked back, the house was now lit and seem less scary but I still was afraid.
As we walked into the house Jeff stood up and walked over, anger got the best of me and when he stopped in front of me I punched him in the nose, he stumbled back tripping over the couch in the room and fell over.
“Guess I deserve that, for saying those things” said Jeff
I felt bad for punching him so I walked over and offered my hand to help him up, and he accepted
“Nice punch kiddo, no one ever had the nerve to do that” said jack and I look back and smiled despite the pain I was in from both the punch and what Jeff had said
“What is going on out here!?I heard a thud” said slenderman coming into the room “oh your back kitra and jack”
“Kitra punch Jeff and he fell over the couch, quite funny really” said a voice that seemed to come from nowhere
“Ben…come out of hiding so I can pummel you” said Jeff
Then a guy that look like link but with black bleeding eyes stepped out and Jeff instantly went up to him to punch him but I walked in between him and ben and gave him a look as to say touch him and I’ll punch you again
“Okay I’m walking away” said Jeff walking away with his hands up
“Thanks kitra, Jeff always threatens me but I’m usely hiding somewhere…” said ben and I just smiled
“Kitra…can I talk to you please” said slenderman, and I went to him grabbing the pen and paper on the way
“What did you do to Jeff to make him do that?” asked slenderman
“I just looked at him, and showed him I’m not scared sir” I wrote
“You’re a very strong girl you should train to fight, and I’m sure Jeff would make a perfect punching bag” he said laughing “oh see this room we are in?”
“Yeah?” I wrote looking around
“It’s yours you can stay with us from now on” said slenderman
I was so happy I hugged him

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