Funny Minato & Naruto Oneshot

Funny Minato & Naruto Oneshot

Hey saw a funny photo and decided to make a oneshot for it ;)

Chapter 1

by: ExShinobi

Minato lifts baby Naruto up and twirls him around as he sings a random song. Little Naruto giggles, not really sure what daddy is doing, but knows that whatever it is, it's fun. Minato stops twirling and holds Naruto close.
"Hey little fox, can you sad "Daddy" for me?" Minato asks the little blond with a huge grin spread across his face. Naruto sticks his tiny chubby hand in his own mouth, his face, surprisingly for his age, twists into a look that could be called complete concentration. Minato was about to give up and put his little fox back into his high chair, but Naruto removes his hand from his mouth and his face lights up with a smile that could put the sun to shame.
"Momma." He squeals with delight and waves his tiny fists around in excitement. Slightly offended, Minato laughs it off and tries again.
"No son, say "Daddy"."
"Momma!" Naruto says as he bounces up and down on Minato's hip. Minato frowns. Why wasn't his son saying Daddy? Wasn't he important to the little blond to?
"Say "Father", fuk." Minato says as he huffs. Naruto stares at him, not quite understanding why he keeps having to repeat himself.
"Fuk." Naruto says simply. His eyes daze a little as if knowing that there's something taboo about this word. Minato's eyes grow wide with horror.
"WHAT?!" He yells in disbelief. "Oh my god Kushina is gonna kill me if I don't fix this before she gets back!!"
"Fuk!" Naruto yells as high as he can.
"Ahhh! Stop it!" Minato yells desperately. He looks around in panic as if someone is hiding behind the couch just so they could catch him doing something wrong.
"I'm back!" Kushina yells happily as she closes the door. "Where's my cute little fox and his daddy?" She says as she walks into the kitchen to find them. "Aw, you're just as cute as you were when I left to get groceries!" She says in delight as she takes Naruto from Minato and snuggles him up close to her.
"Fuk." Naruto says as he looks at daddy with bright shining blue eyes. Silence. Minato has a terrible feeling he's about to die.
"WHAT?? WHO TEACHED YOU THAT?!!?" Kushina yells. Her hair floating around her in flaming wisps. He eyes red with murder.
"Daddy!" Naruto squeals with delight. He did, in fact, learn a new word. And he's very proud of his achievement.
"Damn, Naruto." Minato says in defeat, realizing he only has a couple of seconds to live.
"Damn." Naruto giggles out.

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