An Idea For Quibblo

Chapter 1

Just an idea

So I was just going through ''answers'' on my latest uploaded question, and there an answer saying ''i dont know which formula quibblo uses to choose winners'' , well this statement left me thinking.

In schools, and colleges, when we do an assignment or any work, it get checked and we get remarks, then we try to follow the instructions to do the best, and then, the contests become more harder.

Although it doesnt happen on higher scale contests, giving out remarks for each and every contestant, but some do give out collectively. ( The judges and cheif guests do ) . But in classes, it does happen.

Here, what I am trying to say is not a complain, but just an opinion. Dont you guys think Quibblo should share his formula about selecting winners with us, shouldnt he give remarks or tell what kind of entries he would expect, or how contestants become winners.

The ''answer'' on my question also said that she read many best entries which also didn't win. Although those entries were quite fabulous, but they couldnt win, WHY? They would want to know their mistakes, so they can improve their writing. If they would not, so every time their mistake would be repeated.

What do you guys think??? AND PLEASE NO HARSH COMMENTS

P.S: dont you guys think it's kinds getting regular for every quibblonian to write the above statement about harsh comments on their posts? Now this shows that many quibblonians should try to improve their behavior.


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