UPDATE: I've traded it to a Shiny Eevee. FINALLY I'M GONNA GET A SHINY UMBREON!!!

This is gonna be all about Pokémon. If you don't like it or know anything about it LEAVE. BECAUSE THIS IS GONNA BE VERY CONFUSING AND COMPLICATED!

Chapter 1


by: Amaysie
So i was on Omegle just looking for someone to chat with and i met a guy that loves Pokémon just like me. We decided to play some Pokémon X and Y together while chatting on Omegle. It was HILARIOUS! We had a really fun and crazy conversation and we said some of the weirdest things XD And we both overreacted whenever one of our Pokémon fainted. We also made some really fun rules for example: Only blue colored Pokémon or only level 1 Pokémon. Well we had a lot of fun and we promised each other to play again soon. So i logged off Omegle and started playing some more Pokémon. A long time ago i had been fooled to trade a Shiny Excadrill for a Level 100 Shiny Gollet. Why is this bad? Because Gollett is a baby Pokémon. And because it's in Level 100 it can't evolve. It was weak and worthless. But today i FINALLY found someone stupid enough to trade their level 6 Shiny Squirtle for my Gollett!!! After MONTHS of trying to get rid of it!!! FINALLY i have a shiny i can use in battle!! I am SO. HYPED. right now. It has evolved into a Wartortle already and it's gonna be a Blastoise soon! YAY!


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