But I Still Love You

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Chapter 1

But I Still Love You

“No!” Kira shrieked eerily.

“Please, do not cry on my behalf, for it isn’t me that you are crying for. I’ve suffered in this world, and it is time for me to move on. I know that it seems like it isn’t yet time, for I am taking my own life. However, you must remember that everything that has happened in my life has somehow led me to this decision, so yes, it is of natural cause. Do not fret. You did not fail. My own happiness is my responsibility, and I have failed myself. I bid you a farewell”-Anna

Kira shrieked again, before she heard a very faint whisper in her ear. It was her sister’s sweet voice coming from behind. She spoke softly and slowly, as Kira took in each word. “I love you. That will always be true, even though I am gone now. Cherish it as what you have left of me.” Kira whirled around, to see her sister. For a moment, she stared into her sad, light blue eyes. Her chest-length, strawberry blond hair rested upon each shoulder. Her lips formed a forced, pathetic smile. Her face was both tired and tearstained. All of the pain which she has felt lay on her face, as if she could never quite be free of it. It marked her and became part of who she was.

“Oh, Anna. What you shall have left of me is my anger and hatred. You’ll suffer for abandoning me!” Kira shouted. She reached behind her and got a hand mirror from Anna’s dresser. She threw it at Anna. Afterward, she grabbed a large shard and slowly cut across Anna’s pale cheek. She laughed as the blood slowly dripped from Anna’s now expressionless face. She stroked her finger across the cut, and then gazed at the crimson stain on her index finger. Kira giggled, but it wasn’t an innocent, happy sound. It was a satisfied, menacing cackle-like giggle. “I love you, Kira,” Anna said, her voice wavering. “Shut up!” Kira shrieked before slapping her across the face. A devilish grin lay on her face as an idea approached her. Among her sister’s art tools, she saw a matting knife. She reached for it. The metal was cold to the touch. Carefully, she removed what covered the blade, revealing the sharp blade. Slowly, she pushed the blade into her sister’s right eye.

* * *

“You’re going!” Those stern words fell stiffly from her mother’s frowning lips. . Kira shook her head. “Kira, you must do things that you don’t want to do. It’s just because you have to. Why must you be such a child?” she said beginning softly, but raising her voice into a shout. A tear began dripping from her cheek. “But how could you not even want to attend your own sister’s funeral?” Kira shook her head and ran up the stairs. She raced into Anna’s room and sat down on her bed.

“I am going to stay here with Anna!” she whined. Kira’s mother began to slowly walk up the creaky staircase. Kira listened to each step, as she began gently rocking back and forth. Her mother slowly inched through the hallway, and eventually into Anna’s room. She didn’t naturally move at this pace. She was only avoiding speaking to her last and only daughter. She took a few steps closer to Kira, clearly wanting to be farther away. Still, she sat next to Kira on Anna’s perfectly made bed. She placed a hand on Kira’s shoulder, thinking that that was what she was supposed to do. “Kira…honey, Anna is no longer with us,” she said very slowly, her voice patronizing. Kira shook her head. “You see, you’re mistaken. She’s no longer with you. However, I still talk to her,” she said.

Abruptly, she slapped Kira across the face. “No! That is your imagination! When are you going to grow up? Anna killed herself!” her mother shouted. She quickly walked to the shelf on the other side of the small room. She grabbed the note. “Do you see this?” she said, “it is a suicide note!” She shook her head, before laughing at Kira. “You’re pathetic,” she said.

Kira walked into Anna’s room, a knife in hand. Anna sat on her bed, smiling. Her eye still maintained the same sad expression that she had had for her entire life. “I hate you! You’re ruining everything! You have to go!” Kira shrieked. She stabbed Anna in the chest, and looked away before she could see. Slowly, she walked down the hall. She knocked on her mother’s bedroom door. She knocked gently, pausing in between each knock. Her mother opened the door. “What is it, dear?” she said sweetly. Kira didn’t even try to stop the tears as they began rolling down her cheeks. “Anna’s dead!” she whispered before running into her bedroom.

She lied awake that night, until slowly drifting into a sleep. Before she reached a full state of sleep, she was awakened by Anna’s voice. “Hello, Kira." “I…hate…you. G-g-go away,” Kira stuttered, still crying gentle tears. Anna placed her hand on Kira’s cheek, and said, “but I still love you.”


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