lesbian love story

I walked in to school my headphones blaring with the linkin park son i was listening to

Chapter 1

the beginning

I walked in the room and sat down the bell was about to ring we had just got a new teacher and i heard she was hot so i had to see for myself. She walked in and damn she was hot she had long dark hair and bright blue eyes i wanted to f*k her right then but knew it was wrong because she was my teacher but i just couldn't look away her boobs were huge in her to tight shirt and her skirt was just a little to short. When she called me back after class i knew something was up because English is my best class. I went back and she went in to her office and i saw her sitting on her desk she told me to come closer so i did. She whispers in my ear "I noticed you staring at me in class young lady." I gulp "Yes im sorry that was wrong of me." She smiles "I don't mind." she leans over and kisses me i kiss her back she slips her tongue in my mouth and slides her hand up my shirt. i moan lightly and start to unbutton her shirt she leans back on the desk. i start sliding my hand up her skirt and i can tell shes not wearing anything under it i slide my hand till it is over her p*sy she smiles and i star to finger her and she starts getting wet i take my mouth off hers and go lower...

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