I'm sorry that I'm not like other kids

Chapter 1


So my mom yelled at me because I don't eat eggs.
Like...I just don't like them? Is it suddenly a crime to not like eggs?
She calls me weird, in a mean way, because I don't always like other foods that kids like.

I don't eat peanut butter, I'm sorry but I just don't really likes nuts same as how I don't like chocolate either.
I don't eat veggies, but that's understandable.
I don't like steak, I like hamburgers but for some reason I just don't really like the texture of steak.
I don't eat pork, but that's because I'm jewish.
Also I don't like most breakfest food. I love pancakes and cinnamon rolls, but I really don't like ceral or yogurt for breakfest.

It's like it's my fault for not liking certain foods, and that makes me mad when my mom yells at me for it when it's not really my fault I don't like something. It's basically in my DNA whether or not I will like something, so my mom has only herself to blame really.


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