I Need Some Advice

Chapter 1


by: NyghtDawn
So I need some advice on how to talk to my mom about "internet safety" crap. For the longest time now I've been wanting to make Vines and YouTube videos showing my face. But my mom refuses. So I've been debating with myself if I should just sit down and have a little chat with her about it. Just saying things like:

-there is a very slim chance anyone is going to track me down and kidnap me just from seeing my face
-thousands upon thousands of people have put their face out there and they are perfectly fine

And you know stuff like that. Cause this is just getting ridiculous. When I was making a video of just my hands she flipped out. What is so bad about just showing my hands? So yeah. I just need some advice of things to say to her to convince her that it's perfectly fine if I do stuff like this.

(And might I add that my brother and sister have both made things with their faces in it and they've both given out their first and last names. I mean come on. My brother uses our last name as a username. And my dad from what I understand has put pictures of me out there... Why can't i do it myself?)

And I will say that I do acknowledge her point of view on the subject but it has just gotten to that point where she needs to lighten up a bit.

So please just any tips on things I can say or things to do. Thanks!


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