An Ode To Old Friends...(I'd be quite pleased if anyone I used to talk to would read are probably in it )

Hey you guys. I miss you.

Chapter 1

Come back to meeee?

Ah, old friends. The people that greeted me when I first started this account, the ones that made me feel friendly. I miss you. Some of us had our falling outs, and some, we just lost touch. And now, I have never heard from you again. I will make a list, a list of my old friends of which who's names come to mind. If I seemed to have forgotten you, I sincerely apologize. It has been many a month since I have spoken to these people.....and if you find yourself on this list...I beg of you to contact me, if you do wish.

1. Damian. We had a lot of arguments, nasty things were said, but we were once, dare I say after all the pain we caused each other...close? I would be most pleased if we could be friends again, if you deem possible.

2. Scarlet (That's it right?) We used to roleplay about zombies, being survival friends who at once had turned on each other, and then lost each other. Shall we survive together again?

3. Jenni. Oh Jenni, met because of loneliness. We were the best of friends you and I, but it seems as if when I message you, you always become lost. Let us be lonely together once more?

4. Alex. Same as Jenni, you always seem to stray, come back?

5. Ella. It seems you dislike me now, but I haven't a reason why you would. It took you many days to refriend me, why Ella?

6. Mac. We were closer than close, you were like my brother. It seems you are always so busy now, that there's no time for chat. Is there none?

7. Edon. Oh, the conversations we held! I must ask, how have you been?

Im sure there were many more, some of which who deleted. Once again I apologize if I have forgotten you, I do not mean to leave you out. But, I beg of those listed, let us be friends again?


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