I Remember

When the last train is gone, and the night is nigh, I remember how things used to be..

Winner of WC42

Chapter 1


by: Animated
The sun has set, the red and orange dye being replaced by the dark blue blanket with diamonds attached.

I walk down the old gravel path, as if it were Memory Lane, for I remember how we used to walk down it as children. I can hear the laughter in my ears, the laughter that escaped our innocent mouths as we skipped down the lane in bare feet. The wind picks up and I can almost remember the way our hair blew gaily in the wind.

My feet crunch on the gravel as I near the swimming hole, the place where we met, you and I. You were laughing happily and I hid behind a tree in shyness. I soon revealed myself and you cheekily shoved me in, clothes and all.

After school, we met and we played under the burning rays of the sun, which cast a glow on your corn flax hair. Diamonds, to us, were water droplets hit by the sun's kind light.

Late at night we would watch the stars, our eyes sparkling far more than the stars themselves. You would say that the stars were a way for the dead to look upon the earth. Then you said that the stars were a person’s eyes, which soon led to an outburst of giggles from the two of us.

It was a small thing you said only once, but why is it one of the lines I remember the most?

The tree is still there, the large oak that seems to be a permanent fixture, unchanging and everlasting. Its large, broad branches spread out almost like a fan, a supplier of shade to us during the burning summer days.

You would often climb the tree, not heeding my warnings of the possibility of death, and dangle your feet off the edge of a branch, your bright blue eyes twinkling in the light.

As I sit beneath the tree in the night light, I see the swimming hole.

The water is now a deep, blue satin, reflected from the night sky above. The stars almost seem like small lights, shining upon the surface of the water.

Looking back on when we first met, if it were not for the swimming hole, we would not have met at all - that, and my curiosity which you claimed I was bad at hiding.

The swimming hole holds the best memories I had with you, the moments of childish innocence we hid from the world around us. There we were ourselves, free from any duties, free from cares or worries, which haunted us during the school day.

You were like a breath of fresh air and I was lucky enough to experience it.

As the years went on, we frequented our special place more often, but we went there for other reasons rather than when we were innocent, carefree children. It was here where you caught me crying shamelessly and it was also here where you comforted me, wrapping me in your warm embrace.

The rope swing is no longer there; it probably rotted away like a decaying leaf, leaving nothing behind in its wake.

It was here where our memories were made.

It was also here where I saw you for the last time, your head disappearing from my view as my desperate screams and tears got carried away by the wind.

I smile and look up at the sky, the stars twinkling.

And I wonder if you are there looking down at me now, your smile eternal and your hair still sparkling with diamonds.


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