What Lies in My Past

Sorry that the title sucks. I'll change it later(hopefully). Please both comment and rate, for i do not know whether or not i am going to continue. Whether or not i do will be based on comments and ratings. I'm not very experienced in story writing, so i would love your critic.(Just don't be rude about it). If you don't feel like leaving a real comment, then please don't comment at all. Please do still rate, though!

Chapter 5

The Office

Again, I had a told an “incomplete truth”. My parents thought that I was going for a walk. I was, though, walking to the office.

My shoes lightly clicked on the pavement. I put the letter in a pocket inside of my grey trench-coat. It was just like this day: grey. In the sky, clouds hovered over the town, dropping raindrops to the ground. I began to increase my walking speed, not being prepared for the rain.

When I finally reached the building, I walked inside, through one of the glass doors. I turned to face a woman who was seated at a large, round desk. She was speaking to someone via phone connection. “Yes, I’ve doubled checked. The report says M.I.A. Is there anything else that I can help you with?” she said. Her voice was condescending, and she rolled her eyes many times. She moved her head around a bit, which flipped her long, curled blond hair to the back of her neck. “Okay. Thanks for calling,” she said, a hint of satire lingering in her voice.

She pressed the small red button on her earpiece. She took an audible breath before addressing me by saying, “what do you want, kid?” I didn’t appreciate being addressed as “kid” by a woman who clearly was still her twenties.

I bit my tongue and thought before I spoke. As rude as she was, it wouldn’t do me any good to make sarcastic remarks or argue. “Could I possibly submit an anonymous tip regarding one of the reports?” I asked as politely as I possibly could at that moment. I didn’t even know if Jason was really out there. How was I supposed to wait for him to explain? For all I knew, he may have never been coming back.

“Listen, sweetie, I can assure you that the grown-ups have handled everything,” she said. “Now, run along.” She motioned away with her hand.

I didn’t want to do such a thing, but she gave me no choice. I reached into one of my pockets and located my wallet. I smiled and pulled out a fifty dollar bill. Although it wasn’t much, she seemed to be desperate.

She scanned the area and cleared her throat. Quickly, she grabbed the money. She tucked it away in one of her many small drawers before rising to her feet. She was quite a bit taller than me with her high heel shoes. “Right this way, Miss,” she said, her tone of voice much more pleasant.

I followed her into the elevator, breathing heavily. Already, I was beginning to regret my decision.

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