I like 32 out of 50 foods

Chapter 1


by: Turnader
Repost this with an X next to the foods you dislike out of these. Title the story and the chapter I like _ foods out of 50 foods, fill in the blank with how many foods you like out of these 50.

1. Tacos
2. French fries
3. Green Beans
4. Brownies
5. Rice
6. Hot dish
7. Spaghetti
8. Chicken sandwich
9. Apple
10. Tomato X
11. Chocolate pie X (I hate pudding and thats like pudding)
12. Grilled cheese sandwich
13. Sugar cookie
14. Cheerios
15. Snickers candy bar X
16. French toast
17. Fish sticks
18. Mashed potatoes
19. Corn on the cob
20. Nachos
21. Stew
22. Jelly toast X
23. Buttered bread
24. Doritos X (I used to love Doritoes. I havent eaten them now for about a year due to artificial colors. if doritoes were to ever make a Simply Doritoes or an All Natural Doritoes then i would eat them)
25. Sun Chips (of course. they have natural ingredients and taste better than so many other chips)
26. Fried chicken
27. String cheese X(I hate cheese. i will only eat it cooked and even then very little)
28. Nerds X (Again colors)
29. Honey (I LOVE Honey! especially raw honey)
30. Salsa and chips
31. Apple pie
32. Bacon
33. Fried egg X
34. Dill pickles X
35. Boiled egg X
36. Cheeseburger X (I like hamburgers but not cheeseburgers. again cheese)
37. Animal cookies X ( dont think so. Animals crackers have Partially hydrogented oils and cookies have the frosting on them thats pink and blue. Colors)
38. Fruit snacks (All natural fruitsnacks yes if not then no. its guaranteed to have colors if its not all natural)
39. Caramel candy X
40. Lobster (Lobster is just about the best seafood there is! its soooo freaking good!!)
41. PB&J sandwich X
42. Chocolate covered cherries X (I dont like cherries)
43. Biscuit
44. Mint (Absolutely. i love eating the leaves right off the plant)
45. Toasted marshmallow X (Its too gooey and sticky. i like marshmallows just normal not melted. and even then im picky because i once found a WHITE marshmallow that had BLUE 1 as an ingredient)
46. Hotdog
47. Sushi (I freaking LOVE sushi! sushi is the best! i love the ones with the salmon and the caviar on top! omg! and the spider roll is amazing and i also love the spice mayo)
48. Graham crackers X (Im hesitant due to partially hydrogenated oils but i love the taste)
49. Bananas
50. Suckers X (Absolutely not. this has Yellow 5, 6, red 40, 3, blue 1, written all over it)

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