So this is a different style that I'm trying out.. I was just trying to write based on what I know and what I'm on the verge of knowing/discovering (making it still the unknown to me) so I hope you all enjoy this poem, please let me know any critiques or thoughts you have (whether it's rhyming, structure, flow, word choice, ideas, etc) I'd love to hear ALL the opinions that you have. Thank you so much for reading this. ~Amber

Chapter 1

Poem Thingy

Emotions and actions never made much sense
but numbers and words were always an ease
and I never struggled to multiply my sevens
yet saying I love you was never a breeze.
The simple phrase always came out in a mixed ramble
that no one but you could even try to understand
and when it finally got out I still remember your smile
because after I saw it I wished I could reach for your hand.

It wasn't as easy as 1,2, 3 or even the A, B, C's
but I really do love you with all my heart
and I hope you can see pass my woven mistake
because I'll never stop even though we're an ocean apart.

I'll try my best to paint my emotions down in four promises
but let me do so with what I know
and what I know is numbers and words
that can explain how much I'll always love you:

i.) My love will be endless
in fact let's have the infinity sign be branded onto my soul
so I can remind myself everyday that my love for you will never stop
like the digits of pi that always continue to roll.

ii.) My love will be like the vast open sea
where everything needs to fall into place
so we can count the stars in multiples of two
until we lose track of time and fall asleep with a smile on our face.

iii.) My love will be an anchor to a giant ship
where everything can finally be still and clear
so we can take time in our moments to add our breaths
that are summing up in between our lips, my dear.

iv.) Our love will always be worth fighting for
like an A on the upcoming test
so we can feel accomplished by sticking together
since you and the A always made me be at my best.

In the end what I'm trying to say is this simple idea
that is so hard to actually find the words to make
in order to show you I still care
and to let you know the thought of you will never break.
I'll always be lousy with hugs and kisses
and I'll always know my way around numbers and phrases
but I love you more than any kiss or number can express
and I'm ready to scream I love you to all the world's 7 places.

And I'm ready now
because I've never loved anyone like I do you
and I love you more than my numbers and words
even though I'm scared to have all my unknown actions and feelings become true.

It doesn't make any sense, but all I know is that I love you.


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