Extension of Eden

Chapter 3

Gaige- The Great Escape

I don't know where the motivation came from. I just decided to get outta the house one day. I've always been rather adventurous. But this time it was more than that.
Well, let me start from the beginning. My mom died giving birth to me.
So, pretty much every aspect of my life has been pure depressing. My birthday? It's not a celebration. It's a giant middle finger from the world just right to me. You know what I think? I think I wasn't supposed to be born and since I was, my mom just freakin flat out died. You know why I think that? Cuz I've been told that since sixth grade! And I heard it so much that I started to believe it.
So, a few years after I was born, my dad met someone else. Which is great, except for the fact that she hates kids. Of course, he doesn't know a damn thing about it. She acts all sweet and innocent whenever he's around, but when he's not... yeah. And she still hates me for some reason.
So, one day, I'd just had enough. It was the weekend. I got up early, grabbed a breakfast-on-the-go and just started walking.
Eventually, I found this forest, so I thought "hey, what the heck" and I started walking. I found it surprisingly calming. The thoughts swirling around in my head seem held at bay somehow.
I spot the perfect tree. I mean, this thing's literally asking to be climbed. So I do. I find a niche between a thick branch and the tree itself and just sit there. This place is incredible. If I believed in a "God", I might believe... nahh, it's not like this place was mad for me. That's just stupid to think of.
I must have spent a long time exploring, because the sun has gone from the horizon to the apex, about as high as it's gonna get today,
I decide to climb down and explore some of the other parts of the forest. The more I explore, though the less I think of it as a forest and more of a haven of sorts.
It just feels so peaceful here. It's quiet and bright colors and the sound of running water and best of all, there's no one else here!
Of course, that never lasts, right? Cuz good things never last. But for now, I'm just gonna enjoy the perfection that surrounds me. Serously, though, that's the only word I can think of to describe it; perfect. There's not a thing that I would change about it.
I follow the sound of running water to find a waterfall that feeds a small pond, which in turn leads to a creek that snakes its way through the brush.
The thought of acutally swimming is a great one, I just think "screw it" and take off my combat boots, socks, jacket and shirt and climb the small 'cliff' that the waterfall cascades down from. Then, with a smile, a real smile, which is a feeling I haven't had for a long time, I dive into the pool.
The water is cold, but not shockingly so. It doesn't take away my breath like I would have expected it to. I reach the bottom of the semi-shallow pond and let my feet sink into the mush that covers the ground. I run my hands through it, feeling the stones and soft soil between my fingers. Then I realize that I'm nearly out of breath!
I got so excited that I forgot to go up for air. My head pops above the surface with a splash, then all is silent, save for the waterfall and the birds tweeting their songs.
I float to my back and just lay their, held by the cool water, with my eyes closed. I've always liked swimming, but I don't get the chance to very often. I just lay there for a while, then, when the chill starts to seep into my bones, I talk myself into getting out. I drag myself up the shore, collect my clothes and shoes and toss them at the bottom of the cliff that I jumped form earlier. I climb back up and sit in the sun's rays, letting it dry the water for me.
When I decide that I'm dry enough, I hop back down the cliff and redress myself.
I should probably head back home now. I can always come back tomorrow, right?
I jog home, through the trails which I can somehow remember perfectly.
When I get home, I just walk up the porch and through the door, letting it slam behind me.
"Hey, Gaige." My dad says without looking up from the TV.
"Hey," I say half heartedly.
Then I climb the stairs, two at a time, and throw myself onto my bed, debating what to do next.
I grab the book I left on my shelf and continue where I left off. I don't know how many times I've read the Divergent trilogy, but each always just as exciting as the last.
As I read about Tris and how she gets her world turned upside down, I think to myself that maybe, just maybe, things could get better.
Then the thought is gone as I fall asleep.

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