Extension of Eden

Chapter 23

Gaige- Destroy Desire

"There are three things," says Mary's friend as she waves her fine, porcelain hand revealing three silvery mirrors from the mist, "In this mirror, lies naught but human desires. You will see things that you want, love, and need. You must be stronger than them. I wasn't. In there is a key; the key to the garden. It must be destroyed. That is the first step.... but if you give into human desires all is lost. Rita, Gaige. Is your love stronger than earthly desires?"

I almost say something bold, something confident to make it sounds like I have no doubts about what's to happen next. I can tell Rita does too by the way she shivers slightly and by the way her bottom lip quivers. But, she too stops. I'm pretty sure she's thinking the same thing I am; Actions speak louder than words, so lets get this thing done.

As one, she and I step into the mirror and hopefully take our first step toward ending this nightmare.


When we step into the mirror, we're enveloped in this sort of white mist. When it clears, there's a long dirt and gravel road that stretches as far as I can see. The path is a couple of yards wide and to either side, the same pale fog reaches for miles, again, as far as I can see. It's the strangest thing I've ever seen....

Almost as strange as the garden.

Rita takes the lead from there, pulling me along down the path.

amani727, you can take the adventure from there ^^

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