Extension of Eden

Chapter 2


“Ah, the comfort of a tree
Sturdy and tall as you cover me
From the rest of civility.
Oh, how I wish to see
Just that very perfect tree.”

I looked down at the mostly blank page and sighed. It was the last poem that I had written. I continued walking down the pathway and into the woods. Never had I ventured far, but it seemed mysterious in a way that was almost inviting. Inviting to me, that is. My perspective never seemed to match others, and yet instead of harmonizing beautifully, they clashed in a manner that was deafening.

Of course, that was before I had shut out the angry voices that attacked me with my own flaws. Or, at least, before I really tried to. Every now and then my skin isn’t quite thick enough to block out those hurtful words. The thing that hurt me the most wasn’t actually what they said. It was the fact that they used words, one of the most beautiful and pure things in this violent and dreadful world, as the most painful of weapons.

I looked up again at the darkening sky which cloaked the trees and the woods itself. It also cloaked me, making me feel safer and more comfortable than I ever could in broad daylight. “How does it make you feel?” the words rang in my head. It wasn’t a lovely and delicate sort of ringing, but an eerie screeching sound that I wanted to get rid of. “No!” I shouted, dropping my notepad and pencil case.

“Didn’t you just see that? That’s why they all think that you’re a freak. You’re lucky that you were alone!”

I tried to shut those thoughts out, but they were thoughts, creations of my own mind. It was impossible to to shut out what’s already inside. So, I didn't. I picked up my notepad and pencil case before running away. I didn't run back, though. I just continued running forward, until i noticed that, not only was it dark, but it was…misty. It wasn't fog, it was…mist.

I stopped for a moment, shocked at the site, before deciding that I didn't need to understand. It was there. It existed, and all that was left to do was keep moving forward. In life, we all just keep moving forward. However, we aren't heroes for it. We are bound to travel through time. We are forced to keep moving forward. We’re not heroes for simply living.

Beyond the mist, was an unbelievable site. It was a large, well kept garden that went on as far as the eye can see. I began running. I wasn't leaving anything behind, I was simply going into a place that was brighter. Metaphorically, that is.

But then, there it was. The comfort of a tree. Sturdy and tall. The one that i had wished to see. That is when I knew that this was it. I didn't know what “it” was, but this was it.

I walked past the thick, green bushes. They lightly scratched my skin as I walked past them. I didn't mine though. When I got closer, it was even more perfect. There was almost a sort of dent in the ground where the tree was. I sat down in the dent, leaning against the bark. I relaxed in the tree's shade, and took out my notepad.

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