Clear As The Night Sky

Words: 585
I hope you like it. ^-^

Chapter 1

Love like the sun, and dream of the stars.

I remember when we used to go to the swimming-hole.

It was a lovely place, that swimming-hole was, full of adventure and miracles. We were reckless, you and I, we'd climb over fallen branches in the deepest part of the pond, and risk falling in and drowning. Neither of us could swim then. It was merely a fun place, when we were four and five. A playground.

At seven and eight, we went back. We could swim then, after a full years' worth of swim lessons, as much as I hated it. You loved it, though. You tempted me into the water, and we would go down there with towels and swimsuits, and sandals, and goggles, and a floaty tube, and a blow-up beach ball, and we would splash around for ages. Oh, we were still reckless. We'd hold each other under the water, but we'd always let each other up. When I got tired, and couldn't swim any longer, you'd pull me to shore like a proper gentleman, and we'd pretend to tan, until it got dark, and then we saw the stars. As we lay beneath the stars, we realised how small we truly were. But it was still just us, you and I. Under the stars.

At fourteen and fifteen, we found our way back to the swimming-hole, and it was then, in the midst of our teenage years, that we recognised and admired the beauty of that swimming-hole at last. You were a swim counsellor then, I recall. I was studying for a statewide geography contest. We were perfect, you and I, together, two parts of a whole. The brains and the brawn, as you called it.

The swimming-hole was in the forest behind your house. Not too far in, but hidden enough that it was ours, our secret. It was between the trees, and the air around it was always damp. Mosquitoes buzzed around in the summer, but in the spring it was perfect. Every year for my birthday, we’d go there. All the flowers bloomed... the lake shone. Even in the morning, the swimming-hole shone with the reflections of stars. The glimmer of a thousand worlds up above, sprinkling glitter like confetti over our little fantasy.

Now I look back on it all, at age nineteen. You’re twenty now, playing football for some college team. You’ve got a girlfriend, you’ve managed to work your way through school. You have your own life now.

As much as I wish it wasn’t so, I know you’ve forgotten me. Me, and the swimming-hole, and the stars that greeted us every day. Those planets still wait for us, those undiscovered worlds. Our fantasy has ended, though. It was short, but life can’t all be a fairytale. We all wish it could be, but it can’t, can it. I realise that now. Our story began, with a young girl and a young boy. Growing up together in a little village. Finding the things that they loved most, and then abandoning them for the future.

I can only hope that wherever you are now, you’re happy. It is the least I can hope for, with all my little regrets buried in my heart. Have a good life, for me? At least one half of the whole can be happy, can settle down, can live a full life.

Live well, my old friend. Love like the sun, and dream of the stars. I am waiting for you, forever.


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