Original Stories Tournament

I am back

Chapter 1

Original Story Tournament

by: Cam12
So I have been gone a while. Decided I needed a break but I am back and I want to start up with a quick tournament. Anyone can enter and ether will have 16 or 32 contestants depending on how many people are still on this site.

So each story will be anything you want to write about. As long as it follows the dead lines below. You may also enter a quiz but let me tell you unless it is something I never have seen before it won't usually beat a story.

-No Fan-fictions
-No Text-Talk
- All original

You will need to pick a number between 1-16for the matchrs.

1 vs. Rollic
2 I__Am___________ vs. 15
3 HayleyFlynn_Rawr vs. 14 Layla_District4
4 Beingdauntless vs. 13 Allegiant
5 DogLover6232 vs. 12
6 vs. 11
Xx_basketballkat_xX vs. 10
8 Alexis117 vs. 9 pinkyfreckles

Comment what number you want. Recruit your friends maybe we can fill up he roster. Glad to be back.


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