Loss for Words (Poem)

This a poem that a wrote about one form of writer's block. Sometimes you have so much to write about, but those emotions can't quite be put into words. What about those feelings, though? How can you describe those unidentified emotions?

Chapter 1

Loss for Words

Writing is a passion
But passions require passion
Sometimes you don’t have enough to go on
Sometimes it becomes tiresome and hard
And sometimes you feel inspired
But your brain just feels rewired
And the words get left behind
As the emotions get tangled and twisted in your mind
So sometimes you are stuck with the strife
Sometimes you just cannot write
So instead you want to scream and shout
You hate your mind, and want a way out
You want a way to express yourself
But before on paper, the words just melt
So there you are, alone in your head
And without your words, inside you are dead


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