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Chapter 1

Chapter 1

I sat by the dirty tan colored water, shifting the scraps of paper and pieces of plastic around with a wooden stick. The world around me was somber and black, leaving me hidden from the crowd of people trying to find me. Escalea was different ever since the new king and queen was announced two years ago. It seemed gloomy, dark, evil. People continuously are tracking me because of my con artist parents.They fooled the kingdom, stole from them, even lied to them. Then, the kingdom thinks I'm one of them too. All I'm trying to do is help the kingdom.

"Aurelia...?" I heard a voice say. I look over to the corner of the ally to see Elliott, one of my friends.

"I think the mobs are gone, it's church time," he explained. I stood up, the stick falling in the water and splashing it on my boots.

The church is a requirement for all of the people of Escalea. This will give me a chance to walk around without being scared of getting caught.

"You have a lot of money? I'm starving." I complained. He handed me a big black hoodie so I can be somewhat hidden as he nodded a yes. We walked down the ally of dumpsters, smelling all the damp, grotesque garbage. I'm hating every moment but I have to endure this because of my parents. It makes me want to hate them more than I already do.

Elliott walked ahead to make sure I was okay to go. He signaled for me to hold his hand and we walked side by side to the cafe.

The cafe is the one thing that hasn't changed. It has always been dark and murky on the outside but luxurious on the inside. The place is always dimmed out, to match the grimy stores around it. Elliott opened the dark brown door, letting me in first, then himself. The cafe would open only in the afternoon so no one should be there other than the owners, which were Elliott's parents so it would be safe. A small chandelier turned on as we walked in, lighting up the room. The walls were tan brown with chocolate brown panels. Black tables and chairs were arranged in rows, red loveseats sat across from them. The bar counter lit up with small table lamps as a woman stepped up to the counter and greeted us.

"Good morning Aurelia! You hungry? You sure look like it!" Gloria, Elliott's mom asked me, looking at my petite figure.

"Yeah, I'll just have a grilled club, if you don't mind. Thank you!" I replied to her. I sat on one of the couches and Elliott followed.

Gloria brings the food and takes a seat with them.

"So, tell me hon, what's going on?" Gloria says.

I looked at her in the corner of my eye while stuffing my face with the food.

"Well..." I started, putting down the sandwich. "I'm tired of having to always hide from everyone. I want to show myself. I want to save the kingdom so it's not this dingy, disgusting place." I paused for a moment caught up in my dismay. "Then maybe the sun will actually shine someday." The room went silent while Gloria thought this though, until the church bell rang. It was 1:00 p.m., which is the time the cafe opens. After church, most people were hungry. As this thought came to mind, the door squeaked open, exposing a man that seemed to be a knight. Behind him was a woman and two children. Gloria greeted the family but the knight ignored her and looked straight at me.

"Somebody! Quick, call the guards! I found the criminal! She's here!" he yelled, calling for help. Elliott quickly shot up, pulled me up, and forced me out of the cafe We ran away from the masses.

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