Haunted Paradise

Chapter 1

Zachary manoeuvred his way carefully over the sharp rocks that hungered desperately for blood, using bony arms to lever himself over the jagged surface, as he did every year.

Sweat gleamed in the burning sun as Zac continued his journey without complaint, even as the blisters grew on his feet and his hands bled, even as his puny arms were filled with pain, this was far too important to the blonde haired frail boy to stop.

Zachary perched on the edge of the final rock and let the sight before him remind him of what had passed. The sun shone through the fine trees into the water before him and the lush grass grew only in the area surrounding the beautiful clear water.

Zachary's hands shook tediously as he lifted himself up once more and grabbed the rope swing that had been hung long ago, the rope swing that was secured to the strongest tree as it bent over the glistening water. He hold onto the rope swing that had killed her.

Climbing onto the swing, covered in sweat, Zachary glanced once more around the beautiful clearing that was his paradise, tears springing to his green eyes as his arms clenched around the swing.

"I'm sorry Ciara." He whispered, his broken voice lost in the gentle wind.

He should have saved her. It was his fault. Zachary's body shook with tears as he swung himself from the edge of the pool and allowed the swing to plummet him into the frozen water. He should have saved his little sister because now he had nobody to save him as he drowned.

Yes, he hurled himself into the pool intentionally with no reason to be saved, but that was not what was truly killing him. Zachary drowned in his guilt, the same guilt that his parents had bestowed upon him since the day she died. After all, they needed someone to blame.


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