Hey I came up with the beginning of this one in English class so just tell me what you think don't hold back



Chapter 1



"Alright everyone settle down we have a new student in our class today," announced Ms. Potters as a girl wearing a red and black floral dress and black polka doted tights walked in.
"Everyone this is Allison, Allison is from Pennsylvania, say hello Allison," cooed Ms. Potters.
"Hello" whispered Allison as she strode to a seat beside me.
"Hey I'm Elizabeth" I said cheerfully with my hand out.
"I don't shake hands" replied Allison denying the hand.
"Oh OK well that's okay, I like your dress,"
She said nothing as she took out an old looking note book and began taking notes. ten minutes later Kayla passed me a piece of paper and on it scribbled letters spelled out:
meet me at locker 2113 after school
I looked up to see who it was from and no one looked up
"2113,2113,2113, there it is." as i walk up to the locker the girl, Allison,walks up to the same locker and takes her stuff out and turns around.
"Hi Elizabeth I see you got my note, now I wanted to tell you something, Elizabeth, your a nightmare hunter.
"Do you need to go to the nurse? you've got to be sick, I've got to go my dads today and he hates it wen I'm late." I turn around and start to walk until she says
"Elizabeth, you are one of the last nightmare hunters we need you." she closes the locker "So are you in, or not?"

that's the end of chapter one


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