hetalien spy

been wtching both hetalia and james bond movies so i thaught i could do this thing where you have some of the nations as spies this also includes a country that doesnt really excist but thaught itd be fun.

Chapter 1

mission 01: the bllod killer

by: tzippora
In all honesty it started out peacefully till she got a job. Atlantis also known as 008 was the ultimate spy for being trained by the famed Arthur Kirkland.
“ok mr. buckram what is it now” Atlantis sat in the office of her rather annoying boss James Buckram. Her boss was a total idiot but apparently trained the famed spy Arthur Kirkland A.K.A England
“there’s said to be an office district in Paris and agent bonnefoy needs some assistance” mr.Buckram spoke rather bluntly to Atlantis “I am not working with anyone got it!” Atlantis exclaimed to her boss since she lost her lover and partner the female Russian Suzanne.
“008 I understand this but you must accomplish this with a partner and agent 117 is the perfect example to –“ he was instantly cut off when the office door knocked three times and Arthur Kirkland Atlantis’s mentor comes walking in “boss with your permission id like to accompany 008 for this” he spoke out of turn
“I think not 007 she needs to gain trust again so I think 117 will fit the bill. sorry but not this time” Arthur dismissed himself knowing that his pupil will not be ready for this. As we all know many already know Atlantis’s reputation is renowned for her improvisation and skills as well as her communication within many sectors speaking over 130 languages. Atlantis just nods and leaves the office. She sighs and walks down the stairs of the huge building “this doesn’t bode well I will not have a partner not now not ever” she face palms her face and walks to her Ducati monster, her motor bike, and rides of to Paris to meet agent 117.

She reaches Paris and is instantly stop by agent 117, bonnefoy “bonjour 008 I am your partner” he speaks with a smile and held his hand out but Atlantis moves it away “ lets just get one thing straight keep out of my way and we can have no disagreements’” she spoke sternly to the French nation “oui then here’s zeh map” he hands her the map “right Marci” she then rides off following the map. She followed the map to a nice French bar and speaks quietly to herself “I see the German’s brother” she orders a drink and moves to a table near by. She could hear him calling and telling someone she was here. “bonjour moneme’ mind if I sit?” she sits down and lights a cherry stick with a strong smell of cherry tobacco “vat do you vant agent 008?”he asks in a German accent but can hear more English to what he was saying “nothing you looked useless so I might as well as to sit with you” but Prussia just nods and gives Atlantis the evils “want to play a game?” he pulls out this wooden chess set and starts of with the pawn in front of the king. The game went on for 20 minutes before Atlantis spoke triumphantly “unfortunately I am not the pawn for the king” she check mated Prussia’s king and gave a grin before Prussia pulled out sub machine guns. Everyone at the bar ducks to the closest place to hide. Atlantis pulls out her hand gun and jumps to the couch shooting at the German. She hits the German in the shoulder so in return he throws a grenade. Atlantis runs out of the bar then the place exploded. She had a huge a cut by her eye that bleed out slowly and a bruise by her jaw line just on her neck. “god danmit” a car suddenly pulls up and and the passenger door opens “get in” bonnefoy offered her a lift and she gets in. he looks at her “your hurt” he then drives off to his house or current base.
Atlantis sits at France’s(agent bonnefoy is France) house or current base as he calls it. She looks at her surroundings and admires the colour scheme of the living room “eh nice taste I suppose” France enters the room with a bowl of water and a few cotton buds and instinctively cleans up her face but Atlantis only moves his hand away “ you’ll never heal if you refuse Mon Cheri” so he again tries to clean up her face. He slowly edges closer to Atlantis and insists that he’s needing to get closer to view the cut more. He eventually came close enough to Atlantis that he kisses her deeply. Atlantis kisses back in reply and well you can guess what happens next.
In the middle of the night Atlantis’s phone vibrated on the coffee table in the living room since Atlantis was asleep France wakes up “bloody hell” he looks at Atlantis sleeping in front of him and kisses her forehead. He gently reaches over and answers her phone “117 here speaking” he hears a rather familiar voice over the phone “ah agent 117 its mr.Buckrum” France sighs in frustration to the person on the phone “bonjour Buckrum what is it you want” the voice on the phone paused for a few moments then spoke “oh never mind” then hangs up France looks to Atlantis as she shuffles to her side in her sleep on the cream couch he snuggles up close to her hugging her close to his chest and sleeping next to her.
Atlantis awoke to the smell of fresh ground coffee and croissants wafting through to the living room to entice her nose with a smell so sweet that she had no choice but to wake up. she rises from the couch and notices that she has no cloths on and looks frantically for them “oh sugar” she covers herself with the covers she had slept in and sits there rubbing the sleep from her eyes. France peeks through the door “ah morning mon cheri slept well?” Atlantis looks at him “this means nothing got it?” Frances face dropped to disappointment when she said that so bluntly. He sits next to her and looks down “so then what do you want done?” he asks her in a gentle voice “well we’ll just forget about it because right now the blood killer is the main objective so we’ll handle this later” she get up and see’s her cloths and puts them on. Her phone begins to ring and she puts it on loud speaker “speaking” the voice on the other side spoke with a Scottish accent “right I have the location of the killer it turns out he’s currently in a warehouse not that far from the docks” Atlantis smiled with happiness “right thanks Allistor” she turns off her phone and turns to France “we’ve got the location of the blood killer so we’ll go now”

They both arrive at the ware house located as to Allistors locations of the mini map. “you go round the back ill go round the front and we’ll take em by surprise” France took in the plan and did as he was told. Atlantis takes the front entrance keeping her pistol close in case but as soon as she enters she was caught of guard by a cage dropping down on her then she heard the most evil laugh you could ever hear. The laugh sent shivers down her spine making her cringe slightly “so you think you got friends in high places with the power to put us villains in their place” the figure moves closer to the cage and bangs on the bars “but like what was said I am not the pawn for the king” he smiled devilishly and held out France by the collar “oh you know this French frog all beaten and bruised” he chucks him in the steel cage leaving a loud thudding noise as he hit the floor. Atlantis comes over to France and checks his pulse “thank god your alive” she turns to the figure on the outside of the cage “just you wait” she then spits in his face making him chuckle loudly “you so funny immortal nation but I know your secrets and the others” he held out a VCR tape “you see this? This is the tape that ill show to the world that there are immortals as personified countries” Atlantis tried to reach for the tape but was pulled away by France he whispers in her ear “not yet Mon Cheri” the man turns from the cage and four guards unlock the cage and drags them both out one held a metal pole and began hitting Atlantis with it “no!” France exclaims as Atlantis shrinks to the floor in pain. Atlantis had to think of something and fast. She grabs the guards legs and punches him in the face before shooting him in between the eyes the other guard went for her with a knife but Atlantis dodged him with little effort and stabs him. She turns to the other two who instantly run away. “you alright frenchie?” she turns to France quite concerned “oui go after him” Atlantis then leaves rushing like hell.
Atlantis follows the killer to the fifth floor only a window stood the killer facing her “this ends now!” the killer then jumps out of the window and instantly dies. Atlantis hangs out of the window and looks down “silly man” she jumps out the window and lands perfectly on her feet. She kneels down next to the body and collects the tape and soon France meets up with her “what happened Mon Cheri?” Atlantis turns round holding the tape “he died jumped out of window and had this tape.”
Back at the office Atlantis and France enter Mr.Buckrum office “we’re back” they both sit in front of their boss “good job 008 and 117 now take a well-earned rest till I call again” Atlantis and France stood up and shook hands “sir if you don’t mind id like to use one of your small conference rooms with a VCR?” her boss looks a little surprised but nods his head and gives her the room key to conference room 305 and then leaves. Atlantis walks to room 305 and enters. she shuts of the lights and places the tape in the VCR and plays it “okey lets have a look at the tape” the tape plays and it shows a documentary.


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