The Avengers Group Story RPC Game Character Sign-Ups!

The Avengers Group Story RPC Game Character Sign-Ups!

14 out of 20 character spaces left!
Hello, Quibblonians! Thank you for clicking onto this, because if you’re a fan of the Avengers or the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, then you’re definitely going to love this new idea! This will be set out in the format of a group story, when in fact it's very different from a normal group story! I’ve decided to take it to the next level and create a roleplay, where you can design your own original character and relive the action from the movie! Info below!

Chapter 1

Introduction, how to play, and character sign-ups

Hello, Quibblonians! Welcome to another one of Hayley’s ideas that popped out of nowhere! Thank you for clicking onto this, because if you’re a fan of the Avengers or the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, then you’re definitely going to love this new idea! So since I’ve come onto Quibblo I’ve noticed that there are a lot of group stories going on, but most of them evolve around the same things. So I’ve decided to take group stories to the next level and make it a roleplay instead, where you can create your own original character and join in the roleplay! And even if you haven’t watched the Avengers or the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D and you have no idea what’s going on, you can still create a character and join, because everything will be done for you. I will be accepting up to 20 characters, as the more characters there are, the more fun!

How will this work?
Although this will evolve around the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D more, the plotline will be the same as the Avengers movie, except it will involve your original character as a main character! Basically, once five or more characters have signed up, and I have approved of them, then we will start with the roleplay. It’s more of a roleplay game than a group story. The missions you receive will be based on the plotline of the Avengers movie. It’s just like reliving the entire movie with your original character as the main character. The missions will be given out on a biweekly basis for the original characters to complete. Once everyone has completed the current mission, then a new one will be given as soon as possible. When you are completing your mission, you will receive points and new equipment along the way. Every time you complete a mission, your character will receive 50 points. For every 5 missions completed, your character will receive new gear and equipment, based on what your character uses or needs. You can send in requests if you like, for what equipment you want next. It’s just like a roleplay game, where you have to complete missions to earn points and experience. We won’t be writing in a particular order, and I won’t assign the chapter to anyone in particular. Once I give out the mission, it’s up to you to complete (write) it on your own computer. And once you have finished, send me a message and I will assign the next chapter for you to post it.

Operation groups
♥ Phoenix Team – yellow
♥ Dragon Team – red
♥ Eagle Team – blue
♥ Wolf Team – green
The different groups will receive different missions to complete, but they will be based on the same section of the story. The different teams will have the same amount of members and the same roles. If our maximum is twenty, that makes each team’s capacity of five members. Then there will be five different roles for each different team, so there will be four of each role. Below will be the five different roles that your original character can take on.

Sharpshooter Every team must have one of these! The sharpshooter plays an important role to the team. In battle, sharpshooters are quick and skillful, and they have extremely good aim. Sharpshooters are good in assassinating missions. When charging for battle or on missions, they are usually on the left and right wing sides to get the best aim. Sharpshooters are armed with the most professional and highest quality weapons. If your character wants to be a sharpshooter, their personality should be quiet, low-key, and calm during dangerous situations.

Assassinator The assassinator plays a major part in the group, because they are relied on to do all the assassinating and undercover jobs. Their moves are quick and deadly, and they can deliver death with one strike. They are usually armed with a wider range of weapons than the others, for security and self-defense purposes. Next to the front attacker, the assassinator has the most dangerous position of all. Like the sharpshooter, they are calm and low-key, and they know how to handle highly-dangerous situations without panicking.

Weapon specialist The weapon specialist is the knowledgeable one of the operative members. They can handle any sort of weapon, and they have the ability to take apart and remake a weapon in less than a minute. Just by hearing the sound of gunfire, they can identify exactly the types of guns used. They are actually half-technical, too, except they go on operative missions as they can fight just as well as the others. If your character is the weapon specialist, they are the backbone of the group who holds all of the knowledge. They are usually quiet and wise and, stereoptically thinking, maybe a little older than the rest of the members.

Escape artist The escape artist is intelligent and open-minded, with the ability of flexible thinking and perspective thinking. Because of their job nature, like the assassinator, they are better with secret missions than front-to-front battle missions. They have excellent thieving skills, and they can think from many different perspectives, therefore coming up with the best plan possible. Apart from the technical members, the escape artist is like the technical member among the operative team. Stereoptically thinking, the escape artist is naive, happy, keen and maybe younger than the rest, and they don’t know a lot about what’s ahead of them.

Front attacker The front attacker has to be extremely brave and courageous, because they are always fighting in front of everyone else in the team. It doesn't make them the leader, but they play an important part in the group. Front attackers hold the most dangerous position in the group, and they have to be confident and very good at fighting. I would suggest that if your character is a front attacker, they should be loud, brave, fiery, and preferably a boy (no sexism intended, don't misunderstand my true meaning here) but if it's a girl then that's okay.

How do I complete a mission?
Different missions will be assigned to different operation groups. Once you receive your mission, it’s up to you to use your own computer to write it. When you have finished, send me a message, and I will assign the next chapter for you to post your mission. It’s a good idea to note down all the chapters your missions are on so you can come back to them later. Here is the correct layout that your missions should follow when you post them.

{Character name and codename}, {role name}, {team name}
If there are more than one character doing the mission then do the same again.
Mission: {Original mission text}

{The process on how the mission is completed. Like writing in a story, make sure that you include dialogue, action, and just like writing a chapter for a Fanfiction.}

Here is an example of how a mission would be posted. Note this is not my character.

Jessica Skywalker (Quicksilver), Front Attacker, Phoenix Team
Natasha Romanoff (Black Widow), NPC character
Mission: Confront Loki in Stuttgart.

How the mission is completed: I won’t put anything here because it will make me run out of characters for the chapter, but hopefully you already understand what to put here.

Mission partners
When you have 150 points, you can have mission partners with you on your mission! Everyone is only allowed one mission partner, and it’s better if they’re different, but it’s all right if they are the same. The mission partners will be your NPC characters that you especially like. For example, I might want Tony Stark to be my mission partner, so if I get 150 points then I can “recruit” him to work with me. One person can have a maximum of 3 mission partners at a time, but you can recruit more and switch them over when you feel like it. Imagine you are writing a Fanfiction chapter for the Avengers. Have dialogue! Have action! Make your characters friends! Make them enemies! But make sure you ask for the writer’s permission first! You can also have other characters (who are in your team) as your mission partner, as long as you have their permission, and that way both of you can take turns writing the mission text out. You will be completing the mission with YOUR TEAMMATES alongside your mission partner, but the only difference is that you and your mission partner will have to stick together at all times. So when you are writing, all of your teammates will be included in the missions as well as your mission partners and their mission partners. Feel free to message me if you need help writing or sorting out the characters and their partners, because it is quite confusing.

Character submission form
♥ Name:
♥ Age:
♥ Codename:
♥ Operation group:
♥ Role in group:
♥ Appearance:
♥ Personality:
♥ Weapons:
♥ Clothing: (please make it something suitable. No short skirts and tank tops for agents, unless you are going undercover, which is a different story that I will explain later.)
♥ Strengths: (at least 3-5)
♥ Weaknesses: (at least 3-5)
♥ Love interest:
♥ Strength points: (out of 100)
♥ Flexibility points: (out of 100)
♥ Intelligence points: (out of 100)
♥ Bravery points: (out of 100)
♥ Other:

Here is my character’s profile. It should give you an idea of what yours should generally look like when you’re one. Please make them detailed! I love detailed characters!

♥ Name: Grace Martha Obviar
♥ Age: 25 years old and three quarters, one of the oldest among the groups.
♥ Codename: Hummingbird
♥ Operation group: Phoenix Team
♥ Role in group: Assassinator
♥ Appearance: Grace has jaw-length, bobbed hair in a rich, chestnut-brown colour. Her hair is wavy, and one side covers her right eye slightly. Her hair is tipped with dark caramel and gold. Her eyes are light hazel in colour and specked with gold when the light shines on her face, but when it’s dark her eyes appear to be oceanic blue tinted with emerald. When she is happy, her eyes will shine with colour and light, but when she is angry, they can deliver the sharpest glares that can slice through metal like frozen knives. Her eyebrows are averagely thin in shape, brown in colour, and a little longer than the width of her eyes. She has a slim and straight nose that seems a bit small in contrast to her face. Her lips are pale rose pink, and they are thin at the top, gradually becoming fuller at the bottom. She is around 5’6 and weighs around 144 lbs, with a fortunate but small amount of curves. Because she has more of a slimmer build, she doesn’t have a large sized chest or anything relatively close to an hourglass waist. It’s her face that is considered pretty and makes up for the lack of curves that she has. Here is what Grace looks like:
♥ Personality: Grace is authoritative, dauntless and brave. Being an assassin, she also appears to have a cold and independent personality, but on the inside she has a soft heart and a warm attitude. She is a natural leader, who can be stubborn sometimes but when she wants something done, she means it. Although she can be very powerful and commanding, most of the time she is nice and sweet and friendly, willing to give a hand when she is needed. She is willing to help out anyone in need, therefore making her very selfless. She would protect the people around her, and she feels a strong responsibility towards assuring the safety of her loved ones, making her practically fearless. People often underestimate her because she is female, but her abilities can shoot them back anytime. Being from a harsh and cruel family who sets exceptionally high standards on her and constantly expects her to achieve them, Grace always sets the highest goals for herself, and would blame herself if they are not completed. Sometimes, with an important goal in mind, she is restless until it is achieved. This shows her determined side, and it is a good influence when she is leading people. Even though she is the leader, she is only bossy and strict when it is required. Most of the time, she is one of the team members, except with the right amount of authority and respect from the others.
♥ Weapons: Grace is a skilled fighter. She uses her 11” silver blade which tip has been smeared with deadly poison that can kill people instantly. She also uses throwing knives and darts, and because she is the assassin, her strikes are quick and deadly, and she has extremely good aim when it comes to throwing knives and darts. She is also very skilled with a gun, especially handguns and pistols, but not as skilled as she is with throwing weapons.
♥ Clothing: Grace wears a black leather jacket over a white undershirt cut just above her belly button. She also wears dark denim skinny jeans, which allow her to run fast and comfortably, and black leather boots which go up to just below the middle of her legs. She wears a black angled duckbill cap and a wide brown belt which holds an array of weapons, including her throwing knives and her darts. She has three of her smaller but sharper knives pierced in her left sleeve, so she can take them out quickly and use them whenever she needs to.
♥ Strengths: Grace is very determined and brave. Although she appears to have a cold and independent personality, she is fiercely loyal with a strong sense of justice, and she would stand up for whoever that needs her. She is practically fearless when it comes to fighting against the evil, and she is strong and passionate about what she believes in. She is a skilled fighter, and although she is harsh and cruel on the outside, she would never deliberately hurt somebody. In fact, she makes sure that she’s really careful not to tread on anyone’s feelings.
♥ Weaknesses: She can appear as heartless and cruel at times, and if you don’t know her, on the outside she seems like an emotionless person with an icy cold personality who doesn’t need anyone. However, on the inside she is very fragile and emotional, and she is easily hurt and offended, but she hides all that, and she does it so well nobody realizes that they are cutting her deep on the inside when they become careless with their words and actions. When it comes to love, Grace has big dreams and hopes, but when she puts it into plans, she is scared that it will fall apart. And when she falls in love with someone, it’s so deep, and she nearly always ends up getting hurt, but she believes that it’s worth it if it’s for the one she loves.
♥ Love interest: She has a crush on Clint Barton (aka. Hawkeye) which never materializes.
♥ Strength points: 75 out of 100
♥ Flexibility points: 89 out of 100
♥ Intelligence points: 83 out of 100
♥ Bravery points: 96 out of 100
♥ Other: Grace is a strong-willed girl who is willing to sacrifice all she has for a good cause. She believes that determination is the key to success. Although she has been through a lot in the past, and she seems like a cold, cruel, mysterious, tough and unbreakable girl on the outside, on the inside she may have a softer heart than anyone else. Once she falls in love with someone, it's really deep, making her fragile and easy to get hurt during relationships. And the fact that people think she cannot be hurt makes her even more emotionally vulnerable, as they think they could speak carelessly with her, but they end up scarring her even deeper.

If you have any more questions, feel free to message me! I know that it’s really long and some parts are quite confusing, but I’m running out of characters here, and if I explain everything in detail then I’d be running on negative numbers by now. So if you have any questions, please message me at anytime and I will clarify everything for you as soon as possible.

Thank you so much! I sure hope that you sign up, because the story will be even more amazing with you! I consider everyone, and I understand that people’s writing abilities will vary, but remember this is a roleplay game and not a group story as much. When you’re writing, the thing is for you to have fun and not feel the pressure of having to submit your chapter. This is a game, so enjoy yourself! It’s a roleplay game for you, and not intended to be read. This is your character and your story, so make the most of it and most definitely, have fun!

~~Hayley ~ ♥


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