How I Got Accepted

For the Quibblo Writing Contest #42

Chapter 1

The Challenge

I hear Ryan, Dylan and Hailey running, hollering and shouting my nickname, "Canny", which I earned when they overheard my two-year-old brother call me that because he can't pronounce "Candy". But I continue on running, until my bare feet feel a texture that isn't pine needles and grass, but mud and wet grass. I slow down, but adrenaline still courses through my veins. I see the rope Hailey had told me about, with a large knot at the bottom, large enough for someone to just barely stand on. I skid to a stop, and seconds later Ryan and Dylan are to my left, and Hailey is to my right.

"Well, come on!" Dylan says, jokingly impatient.

I grin, and wrap my hands around the rope. Mustering all of my strength, I hoist my self up, my hands earning a burn as the slide a bit downward. But, soon enough, I'm standing on the rope, my knees shaking slightly.

There are a few cheers and whoops, but then the real show starts. Ryan, the strongest of my three new friends, grabs the knot at the bottom of the rope and pulls it backwards, lets go.

The rope and I swing forward, hovering a little over the water. A reflection of a yellow-orange haired girl with dark, excited eyes and a broad smile is shown. I swing backwards, and Ryan grabs the rope knot and brings it back some more.

As I swing forward, Hailey calls, "And....." I'm about a foot behind the water when she yells, "Now!"

I jump off of the rope, and it brushes against my side. I plummet downward into the green-yellow water, screeching. My back hits it first, then my arms sink into it, then my head and legs. Just before my ears go under, I hear loud cheers, twice as loud as the cheers for when I first got on the rope. I float upwards, laying on my back, enjoying the odd cheers. I stand up, my smile now permanent, and join in with the whoops and cheers.

"You did it!" Hailey yells in my ear.

"Hell yeah I did!" I scream back.

I was just another friend of their's before, but now, I know: I'm part of their quirky, unpredictable, funny, amazing group. I've done it.


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