Poisoned Salvation

This is my 599 (just on the edge!) word entry for the WC42! I'd first like to thank http://www.quibblo.com/user/Zanzibbar (Zaza) for giving me the inspiration that came for writing this story! =D

Comments and Rates are much Appreciated. Please try and do Both when you've finished Reading. ^-^

P.S. This is my 100th creation!

Chapter 1

The Impossible Journey

We've been travelling the world for years now, maybe even reaching a decade, slowly making our way east. Our reason? Humanity is at an end.

When a new sort of black petrol was found off the coast of Puerto Rico, it looked like a safe, unlimited, easy to extract, source of cheap and clean fuel.

But that was not the case, for an unexpected by-product of burning it, was a new element that slowly released itself into the atmosphere. Combining with the oxygen it found, and creating an aerobic poison, previously unknown to man.

It quickly made its way into our blood, and began to assimilate parts of our DNA.

People started to mutate and die by the thousands in the first few weeks. Their bodies warped in ways that were unrecognisable. Limbs were torn into unusable shapes, and blood turned to acid, destroying their internal organs. Among other indescribable horrors. It was a devastating sight.

Though some of us adapted, we're still dying as more and more of our DNA is being eaten away, albeit at a severely reduced rate. We're all like ticking time bombs, the rest of us, we could mutate and die at any moment. We don't even know how to predict when it'll happen, and we've already lost so many a man on this expedition...

Cough, Cough, Cough...!

"You doing alright, Jeremy?" I asked a weedy man sitting on a semi frozen boulder. Who, just moments before, was coughing furiously.

"Ye-" He paused in another coughing fit, "-ah, yeah, I'm OK, don't worry about me, mate." His voice was strained. I helped him up and squeezed his shoulder a little.

"Hang in there, we've almost made it." That we had, we were at the top of the only mountain with the least oxygen at its peek. Mount Everest. There were rumours a pure water spring could be found here. Ultimately leading to our salvation.

A team of scientific volunteers had got together, and did all they could to help get to where we are. With most of humanity destroyed, transportation and supplies were hard to come by. Which lengthened our journey considerably, and forced us to have to fight off desperate civilians along the way.

Though, despite all our troubles and losses, here we were, bashing away at the rocks in a desperate need to get to the other side. Our perseverance was soon rewarded when, a few days later, the rocky cavern wall came down with a crash.

When the dust cleared, I removed my goggles and mask, and marvelled at the sight now before me.
The cavern was beautiful. Sunlight fluttered though the holes in the dark ceiling, and shimmered on the pure crystal water pond a little way down below. Some lush green vegetation had managed to grow as well, due to the spring keeping the place warm. It was shockingly silent, with only small shuffling sounds of us filling the room.

Making my way down to the edge of the pond, I frowned a little when I noticed an old rope hanging from the ceiling, for it seemed impossible that anyone had come here before us. I chuckled at the thought of a madman trolling the world, then knelt down next to the pond.
I pulled my gloves off, revealing slender pale fingers, with uncut nails, and dipped them in the cool soothing water.

Jeremy staggered his way over to me, grinning, as he knelt down beside me, and exclaimed, "We made it, it's over!"

After I took a deep gulp of the pure water, I looked to him, "Finally."


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