Lily Evans (A HP story)

This is in the eyes of Lily Potter (Evans), I hope you guys like it :) and yes I am from the US so if I mess up some sayings from England, I am sorry.

Chapter 1

The day I got my letter

I always knew I was different, from the first moment my older sister had mad me mad. She kept calling me a freak. So one day I made her be quiet just by looking at her. I freaked out because I had no idea what I had done. I thought something was wrong with me.

My name is Lily Evans, I am eleven years old and I have an older sister, Petunia. She's not like me, and she hates me for it. I remember the day I got my letter. It was July and I was getting ready for school to start when it arrived.

One sunny day, I was dancing around my living room in my brand new dress my parents had brought me that day. I heard the mail slot click signaling the sound of mail being delivered. I spun and twirled as I made my way to the door to pick up the mail. I flipped through it and saw a letter addressed to me. I didn't recognize the hand writing on it, it was a nice, neat script and green. Addressed to me directly, they even got my bedroom on it.

I walked into the kitchen to my mom and handed her the rest of the mail as I showed her the letter addressed to me. She smiled her lovely smile as she looked at me. She took the letter and said, "Oh my dear, you have a letter! Let's open it shall we?!"

We sat down at the kitchen table as Petunia came into the kitchen wondering what was happening. I looked at my mom as Petunia stood next to us and my mom opened the letter.

My mom read it, "To Ms. Lily Evans, we are pround to inform you that you have been accepted to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry."

I gasp with glee and Petunia screamed in outrage. I took the envolpe and saw the school list and ticket on where to go to get all my school things for that year. "Mom, is this really happening?!? How can this be?"

"Well Lily, you are a very special young lady. I have a day off next week, we will go and get your school things then, just the two of us. Make a day of it. How's that sound?"

I smile and nod as I stand up, "That sounds amazing! I can't wait mom." I ran up to my room to clean off my desk and make room for my new clothes. I couldn't believe that I was going to be going to a school for people like me. I was so happy.

As my mom went and told my dad, I knew that there was one person in the house that wasn't going to be that excited, Petunia. She was ferious that I got accepted to a school and she didn't. But for me, I couldn't wait to leave and meet all the young witches and wizards that were just like me.

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