The End of Humanity

The world has ended. There have been speculations for centuries for how it would end: fire, water, explosions, war. However, humankind never expected it to end so soon. Nobody expected that in 2020, the last of humankind would be fighting to survive, and that they would have ever lost so much.

Chapter 8


He isn't dead.

Caleb could see Sage's mind whirling and twisting with the snake of confusion and a silk strand of fragile hope. Philip was alive. But how? And why didn't he find Sage? Caleb knew all was not what it seemed.

"Not dead?" Sage asked with a husky voice. "What do you mean?"

"I mean he isn't dead," Felicity said shortly. "Though it might be better if he was."

"Explain," Caleb said in a tone as short as Felicity's.

"I can't release that kind of informa-"

Caleb lost his temper and had grabbed Felicity by the throat and pinned her against the pole in the middle of the tent. "I suggest you reevaluate," he warned. "My sister lost her fiancé, and you give her hope only to retreat? Bullshit."

"Let go," Felicity gasped, turning from red to purple.

Caleb considered saying something real clever and rebellious, something like no.

"Oh, let her go,” Sage commanded. “You can’t just strangle someone to death.”

“She’s insufferable,” Caleb growled.

“That’s not a good reason,” Sage said unblinkingly. “Let go.”
“Not until she tells me what she knows about Philip!” Caleb broke out. “I’m doing this for you!”

“Oh, Caleb,” Sage sighed, “how is she supposed to give you any information when she can’t speak? Let her go already.”

Caleb hated to admit it, but Sage made a reasonable argument for letting that intolerable woman go--at least, for as long as it took her to answer his questions. “Fine,” he snapped as he let Felicity go and her coloring started to return back to a pale flesh color. “Start talking.”

“Have either of you heard of the organization called Prometheus,” Felicity asked, rubbing her neck.

“You mean that ancient myth about stealing fire?” Caleb narrowed his eyes. “This isn’t relevant.”

“Have you heard of the organization Prometheus?” Felicity repeated, “not the myth. And trust me, it’s relevant.”

It doesn’t seem relevant so move on with it, Caleb thought. It seems like you are just stalling. Hell, you probably are. You are just screwing around with my sister’s head, and if you hurt her anymore I will personally make sure you suffer for it. Caleb opened his mouth to tell Felicity this.

“No,” Sage broke in before Caleb could voice his thoughts out loud. “We haven’t heard of it. What is Prometheus?”

“A terrorist organization,” Felicity said crisply.

“Again,” Caleb sighed, his temper flaring, “how is this relevant?”

“Patience,” Felicity chidded. “It’s a virtue.”

“A virtue I don’t have,” Caleb countered, “so hurry up.”

Felicity ignored Caleb and turned towards Sage. “Sage, this may be hard to hear,” she said softly, as if talking to a glass doll, “but Philip kept secrets from you. Dangerous ones. He was working for Prometheus.”

Sage recoiled as if she had been slapped. “No,” she gasped, “it can’t be. Philip wouldn’t…”

“How well do you really know him, Sage?” Felicity looked at Sage with worn hazel eyes. “Did you even know him at all?”

“Of course,” Sage’s voice shook. “Of course I did. You must...this is wrong.”

“How do you even know this?” Caleb demanded of Felicity. “You better not be lying.”

“I have my methods,” Felicity said cryptically. “I just don’t have to share them with anybody who asks though.”

“This,” Caleb pointed towards Sage angrily, “isn’t some random person. This is Philip’s fiance. She deserves to know!”

“Well we don’t always get what we deserve do we?” Felicity hissed with bitter undertones. “It’s time to accept that.”

“Who are you to force that on us?” Cale felt his anger bubbling to the surface uncontrollably. “Who gave you that right?”

“I’m only trying to help.”

“Stop then,” Caleb said harshly. “It’s not working for you.”

“You might do well to let some of your hatred and anger go, Caleb,” Felicity said cooly. “It might cause trouble for you one day.”

“And I suppose you might be the one causing this trouble, eh?” Caleb sneered. “I guess I’m supposed to be scared, or something? Well, I’m not.”

“No,” Felicity clasped her hands together, “I won’t. It was just some friendly advice.”

“Well, keep your ‘friendly advice’ to yourself,” Caleb snapped. “It is probably gonna be taken the wrong way.” Caleb turned sharply on his heel and walked a few steps. “Just some friendly advice,” he called back. “Come on, Sage.”

There was silence and then there was a soft “no”. Caleb could scarcely believe his ears.

“What?” he asked Sage. “You actually want to stay here? With her?”

“Yes,” Sage breathed, her eyes wide. “I need to know Caleb. I need to understand what happened to him. I deserve that, wouldn’t you agree?”

“Sometimes it’s better to not know,” Felicity said calmly. “Sometimes it’s better to hold onto innocent fantasies, and make them your reality.”

“But that’s not wise,” Caleb shouted. “It’s only going to hurt you more!”

“It is human to feel pain,” Felicity didn’t blink. “To deprive yourself of that would be a sin.”

“Then I’ll be a sinner,” Caleb retorted. “And so will Sage. But if you think that I am going to let you break her even more, well Lady you are delusional as well as-”

“Stop,” Sage’s voice shook but it was firm. “This is my choice, Caleb. My choice. Not yours. Not hers. Not anybody elses.”

“You’ve already went through so much pain though,” Caleb protested. “Please don’t do this to yourself.”

“Pain can’t be compared or measured,” Felicity stayed unblinking. “Sage has made her choice. And you would do well to listen to her,” Felicity said. “She’s wise.”

“You mean she gives into you!” Caleb’s eyes flashed dangerously. “There is a difference Lady between wisdom and compliance. Sage,” Caleb whirled furiously to face his sister, “you need to grow a backbone and stand up for yourself.”

Almost immediately, Caleb regretted his choice of saying that. He didn’t want to hurt Sage, he only wanted to make her see reason.

“Fine,” Sage practically snarled, “I will.” She turned to face Felicity. “Tell me what you know about Philip or I will go to Prometheus myself. And if the torture me...well I have information to give now, now don’t I?”

Felicity’s eyes turned even harsher and colder than they were before. “You wouldn’t have the nerve.”

“Oh yeah,” Sage gave off a maniacal sounding laugh. “Watch me. Now what happened to Philip? And how do you know? Better yet,” Caleb saw Sage take a deep breath as if steadying herself, “who are you to him?”

“I’m his mother,” Felicity said impassively, never sounding less maternal. Sage recoiled and Caleb could practically see the gears turning in her head as her thoughts reeled. “So,” Felicity continued, “if you even begin to think your pain can match mine-”

“‘Pain can’t be compared or measured’,” Caleb quoted in a falsetto. “Isn’t that what you said? Or does that just not apply to you, O Mighty One?”

“Do not mock me,” Felicity hissed, red in the face.

“What are you going to do? Kill us?” Caleb sneered. “I’d like to see you try.”

“No, just make you get out of my camp.”

“That is a death sentence though,” Sage protested from behind Caleb. “Please…”

“If you want to stay, get out of my sight and shut your brother’s big mouth.”

Sage walked away, dejected and Caleb couldn’t believe she was actually in compliance with this after how hard she had fought. Shít! If she wasn’t going to fight, well he was about to unleash hell over this because it was worth it. Nobody hurt Sage and got away with it. Nobody.

However, Caleb didn’t have to do this because Sage turned around suddenly and faced Felicity with a glare. “No.”

“Excuse me?”

“You heard me. No. You are going to tell us about Philip.”

“Or what? You aren’t going to do anything.”

“That’s what you know.”

“You aren’t going to do anything,” Felicity scoffed. And with that, Caleb lost his temper. He rushed at Felicity and held her in a headlock.

“Tell us!” He commanded heavily. “Or I snap your neck.”

Felicity gasped for air. “Fine,” she said tersely. “I’ll tell you what happened and how I know. Sit down,” she ordered. “This is going to take a while.”

Caleb looked at Felicity in surprise, convinced that it would have taken her longer to comply. She seemed exceptionally hardheaded and tenacious in his opinion.

“We aren’t going to sit down,” Sage said calmly. “You are. Caleb, let go of her. Felicity sit down.”

“And if I-” Felicity started causing Caleb to glare threateningly at her. “Okay,” she revised. Caleb, against his instincts, which was screaming at him to not trust Felicity, let go of her neck.

“Start talking.”

Felicity smirked. “No.” And then she began to scream.

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