Secrets should remain as secrets.

Secrets should remain as secrets.

a story for WC42 .
Man was it difficult to write around word count, with all the explanations and of course, telling the whole story.
It's a story of 598 words. I did it NOW! I WANNA WIN THIS TIME!!!!!
GUYS! Listen up! please, ratings are must, and comments are necessary, honest ones!

Chapter 1

Secrets should remain as secrets.

I had been a science-geek, a truly factual girl. Fantasy, dreams, wonder, fairytales, these had never been in my interests. I had found those people insane who would hunt for fairies, and would actually wish that they had magical powers. It was fine for youngsters, but when I would see grown ups drowned in their own world of fairytales, I couldn’t help getting irritated and start giving my theories on fact. I would see evidences on magic, but I was too stubborn to accept them.

My very own cousins were a part of this insanity. They would research about werewolves and vampires, read books on witches, for they believed that one day they’ll get to see some magic! It had all started when my grandma Olivia told us an unrealistic dumb story about a magical lake, whose magic was not known by any man but the late elders. The lake was a mystery, surrounded by tiny fairies…and she went on. I could have sworn that her mind, like the late elders’, had gone useless.

Grandma told that a zillion people tried to search this lake, the search continued for millennia, but no result. Only destined people could see this special lake. Its location was in Daintree rainforest in Queensland, near to where we lived. So, on the stupid requests of my cousins, grandma took us to the forest for a tiny search of our own. Actually, I was dragged to come along. They thought it might be an adventure for me, and to ease my mind from books and sciences.

When we reached the forest, my cousins dispersed excitedly, yelling crazily. I wasn’t interested so I just sat on a large rock. This time, my grandma looked surprisingly satisfied to what I was doing. That was strange. She didn’t force me to go along with my cousins. But what was stranger that I heard faint squeaky noises from somewhere near. “Birds”, I just thought, but the constant noise attracted me towards it so I followed it.

I pushed away large leaves and bushes…and reached a place beyond any imagination! There was a large gold colored lake, with pretty plants all around it, and paths to reach it. There were pixies flying around, some dancing, and some singing. Many gnomes, who went for a swim in it, had their colors changing, maybe because of the water. The sky was covered by bent trees, blocking sun’s light. There were ropes hung by those trees, and many dwarves would swing from the ropes and jump in the lake. Whenever there would be a splash, the magnificent water would spread sparkles all around. I saw some of them were throwing ''black'' and ''blue'' coins in lake for granting their wishes. Some of them brought weak pixies or gnomes and made them drink water from lake that would give them life.

I couldn’t imagine such pleasure even in my wildest dreams. So, this was the fairytale people had been searching for, but only destined could see it, I was the destined person. At first I was speechless, took it as a dream, but then, the reality hit me. I felt proud of being the chosen one, the warm feelings it gave, those exuberant scenes brought coolness to my eyes and easiness to my heart. This event had changed my thoughts, my opinions, and my life.
When I came back to my family, my cousins asked if I found anything. I just smiled, “ You all know I don’t believe in fairytales ”. Grandma gave me a satisfying grin.

''Some secrets should remain as secrets''.


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