15 facts you didn't know about me

I'm pretty bored right now so i got nothing better to do. Enjoy!

Chapter 1

This title is HAUNTEEED mwuahaha

by: Amaysie
1: I have never seen a hamster in real life.

2: I can't eat too much milk chocolate because it's way too sweet and it makes me dizzy.

3: I'm afraid of forests because when i was little i ALWAYS got ticks when i visited forests. Ticks are flipping creepy.

4: When i was a little girl i liked to steal my parent's phones and drop them in glasses of water. I loved how they looked twice as big in the water!

5: Once at my old house when our housemate's dog Sally (that i loved SO MUCH!) died i had nightmares every night. They were all the same: A looping image of a dog being tortured. You CAN'T EVEN IMAGINE HOW PAINFUL IT WAS TO LOOK AT THE SAME THING EVERY NIGHT FOR ALMOST A YEAR.

6: I'm actually bisexual but i'm more into guys than girls. The reason i haven't told anyone isn't because it's a secret but because it kinda feels like showing off. I don't know. Guess i'm just weird.

7: I have freckles all over my face and body. I look like a chocolate-chip cookie.

8: I have never said "i love you" to anyone.

9: I hate one of my teachers. Like...REALLY HATE-HATE. She is the most annyoying teacher EVER!!! She always breaks promises and forgets EVERYTHING and does EVERYTHING THAT PISSES ME OFF! She interrupts me all the time and she is a giant airhead! She never listens to anything i say and she acts like i'm in kindergarden. AND SHE IS JUST SO FREAKING NICE!!! SHE IS SO NICE THAT I JUST WANT TO PUNCH HER!! Everything about her drives me crazy!

10: I hate wearing glasses. They always tickle my nose! Even sunglasses.

11: I have EXTMELY sensitive eyes. They always sting and burst into tears. I can't look at the sky in daylight and i have to wash my eyes with a wet towel everytime i yawn.

12: I still own my 2 favorite Littlest Pet Shop plushies from my early childhood. It's a yellow cat called Kitty and a pink cat called Glimmer. I still talk to them and play with them and sleep with them at night. And when i become a parent i'll give them to my kid and tell them to do the same when they become a parent. I really love them and i wish i'd never have to leave them.

13: I have a HUGE crush on 2 of my best friends. They're both girls and both straight as arrows. It's annoying!

14: I hate all kinds of pudding EXCEPT for chocolate pudding. I love chocolate pudding~

15: I have actually been a weeaboo once. My very first DeviantART username ever was..... *sigh....* ....NyanRainbowNeko3692...pathetic..


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