The Grammar Witch and the Candor Take On "Lovestruck"

Her Introduction:

Its about Bambi a hogwarts seventh year and Draco. Da short chatpers were enoyng me soz im moving everything over hear!! Bambi goes to Hogwarts: The Disney and JK Rowling Musical!
(Bambi’s going to Hogwarts? Okay, this time the animal rights activists have gone too far!)

Now the (random text here) are Jackie's commentary. The random text here is mine. So Jackie has parentheses. I don't.

Chapter 2

We Support Gun Control At Hogwarts

AN: I want commonts!!Tnx 2 all da ppl hu vooted:) (Careful what you wish for… you’re getting commentary.)

Darko was in da greet hsl alredddy wearing a MCR t0shirt nd blck skinny jeans wih hs frenf French or friend? Or maybe French friend? blaze. Blaze was jst s hawt as dracoe. Wee walker 2 da place whet da concert was goon 2 b.

the covert was fill of poser emus and goths nd dey wer all wring blac butt i hd fuun. Drako nd I went strait 2 da moshpit and sow Don’t bring gardening into this danced . Candi nd Blaze disapppred in2 the crowd.

Billie Armstrong song helena as drakco nd i dnced nd den.... Drakoe kissed meep !!!The concert fishesd nd we went bac to hoowarts. NOOO! STAY AT THE CONCERT! HOGWARTS DOES NOT WANT YOU BACK!

Az we wlked thro da door sum1 grapped draco!!

"AHHHHH!111!!!" DRAKO shootyd! Name change…...and bad Latin while we’re at it…..and who gave him a gun? (I think I’m starting to support gun control for Hogwarts… that’s a lot of gun violence for two chapters.) You would think magic was enough!

I followed them swexily and the eprson tht grabped him was...James Potter!! We are resurrecting people now? Okay...

"J`ms?" I yeilded. "OMFG wat da hel r u doin her? I THUHT U WER DED!"

Jams lafed an evul laf. "Ha ha ha" he lafed, lafing. "Ha ha ha. U dont understn,d, Bambi. U c... I m wrkin 4 Vldomrt!`" Wait what? People work for people who want to kill their family and friends!? And are not a double agent that wants to destroy them!?

"O Noooo!" I shootyd. (Seriously, more gun violence?)

Jame shooted me with a spell amd I fainted..... Wow the amazing and magical Fainting Spell! (Thank you, James! Now, to make it permanent-)

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