The Grammar Witch and the Candor Take On "Lovestruck"

Her Introduction:

Its about Bambi a hogwarts seventh year and Draco. Da short chatpers were enoyng me soz im moving everything over hear!! Bambi goes to Hogwarts: The Disney and JK Rowling Musical!
(Bambi’s going to Hogwarts? Okay, this time the animal rights activists have gone too far!)

Now the (random text here) are Jackie's commentary. The random text here is mine. So Jackie has parentheses. I don't.

Chapter 10

Luke, I Am Your Father

AN: y do u ppl alwys talk bot turtls? Leave the turtles alone! fick u meens shut da fian up bightches!! i cn spll!!!! You’re delusional nd sweerin isnt bloockd FUIKC!!!!!!! C? Nd onli Sedric CEDRIC nd roon r gay, hairy is bi duuuh. BAmjibi isnt a emo u fu,kng bithes!!!

we sat in da forbidden tre bc we r 2 cool 4 rulz, nd talked abou mme until suddenly.... Lumkin appeard!!1

Lunpin stated shot ing mi dad

"Stoop it, he mi dad!" i yelld @ lunapij
"He l;id we aint ur dada!"lunapik yelled bac
"Wat? how d u kno!"i yelld bac
"Bc, i am ur father" sayed ......serious blck!!!!111 (No, you have this quote all wrong. It’s really “No,) Luke, (I am your father!”)
"4 realz?'i assed.
"yes, i hav a blod tst 2 prov it" he sd bck
"U LIED TO ME!11'IYELLed @ voldtermote
"Bahahahahai"he laffed, laffingly"im out l8er banmbit"

Nd he disaprde!!!11

"r u rely mi dad serious?" i askd
"Yes."he said bac
"den cn i hav sum moniy 2 go 2 da mal wif my frends/"i sayd bac
"Her u go."he said bac giving me 100 $50 notes (Yeah, great parenting there. Just give the brat all the money in your wallet right from the get-go.)
"Thnx dad!!"i said bac take is da mony nd shovin it in mi bra.

Igt changed n2 a ornge dres and cool hi heals.

I ran around hogwarts looking 4 Steph, Candi, lili, tara,mikayalaala, tagzy b'lody merry and ervy1.
AN; evry1 puts there fones in der bar, its nomal. my mum ddnt ned 2 say im preti coz i know i am!!!11nd shes aint a lier!!!! Every mother says that. 11 fyuck u!!!!!!!! Thnx Ali 4 helpng wif my spellng!:) (You had help?! You need a new proofreader!) I don’t volunteer as tribute.

wen we gt 2 da mall we split up. Me candi an stef wnt 2 antimicrobial and filth and the emos went 2 hottopic 2 by emo clothes.

Wif my muny i buyed evryfing in da store tht wasssssssssss my sise. So you’re in debt now?

we g gtr5 lunch nd den i wnt 2 c mi dad.

"Serious!"i yelled hugging him"hi daaaad!" You hugged You-Know-Who?
"Hi banbi, hw was da mall."he said bac
"Gud" i sead bac.

den mi frends calld me nd i hd 2 go.

"BABI!!!" Dracoey yelled
"heyy babe"i sad bac, wisly (Where is the wise in this scenario?)
"How r u?"he sayd bac
"Gud, u?"isayd bac
"Gud."Hes asid bac'dd u knoe dat sedric Cedric isnt really deed?' Not Resurrection here. It is magically impossible to bring somebody back from the dead. The resurection stone came the closest but then they are only shade….I’m just going to legally change my name too Miss Hermione Granger now… (I have a theory on Cedric. He’s a ghost seeking revenge because they butchered the spelling of his name on his tombstone.) I can see it.
OMG Really?"
"yah, elets go c him!!"

we rode bumber cars 2 ravn claw trower(sedrics house) Cedric is in Hufflepuff! nd he was there.

"Seddie!!" i yeild hugging hm
"Hi how r u?"he sayd bac I don’t know about her, but Cedric has got to be mad about being called “Seddie”.
"gud!1 how r u alive."i aked
"Snap pretendd 2 kill me coz hes a bad gui!"he sid bac

den i ran 2 da englishclass Magic School. dat Snapple (So, now they’re letting a beverage teach? What is this world coming to?) teaches on.

SNAP U DIi[shoht!~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" i yelld "U SKILLED SEDRIC!!!'i roaurd
"NuCK UP DANBI!!! U DONT KNOW ME!!" he yelld bck
"We r besties, ur meent 2 tell me everything.!"i ylld bck
"i culdnt tel u, voliedmort wuld hav killd both of us"he giggled
"i dont care if i dye u can tell me anyfing." i lisper-ed
"I car if u dyed" snap sayed "Because i love yo!"
"I luv u 2 smapie."i stayed back

I kissed hm passably nd den drako walked n, i gassed.

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