Letters from the Heart

After Jenna’s close grandmother dies of old age, she is devastated. When her family is presented the will, she is left with an envelope as her inheritance. In the envelope is a letter that sets Jenna on a journey to discover her grandmother’s old life and possibly even discover herself.

Chapter 2

Chapter Two

by: JaelinK
My dearest Jenna,

There will come a time when I will be gone and you will still be here: alive, beautiful, and happy. When that time comes, this letter will come into your possession. If this note is not in the hands of Jenna Marie Patterson, may you please just discard of it and never show it to anyone? That would be very kind. Now, my dear Jenna, I first must thank you for being a joy during every minute we have spent together.Your smile has brightened the darkest of my days and your contagious laughter never fails to spread all around the room.Your kind, selfless heart has inspired me to give back and treat everyone with respect. So, when time came for me to write my will, I wasn’t sure what type of gift I could leave you. Nothing I own could amount to your perfection, granddaughter.

Which is why I leave you my last words in this set of letters. These letters will contain secrets of my past that I haven’t even discussed with your mother. They will unlock my life to you and  hopefully fulfill the curiosity you seemed to have inherited from me. Before you ask, no. The key inside this envelope is not a cliché metaphor about ‘unlocking’ my life. Each of these envelopes will contain a letter and a key. This first key will unlock your way to the next letter, which will have another key leading you to the letter after and so on. This challenge will help keep my story secret from the rest of the world because only you will be able to continue to the next letter. So, if you are still reading and aren’t my sweet Jenna, this is the only letter that you will be able to read. Nice try.

At the end of my series of envelopes, there will be a gift. What you choose to do with this gift will be completely up to you.

My journey started in Northern Italy, in a small island named Monte Isola. I was the last of three children, primarily due to my mother dying after my birth. I was left then to be raised by my father. Leonardo Mancini was a successful fisherman, but he was unfortunately an absent father. Instead, I was raised by the oldest of us, Rocco. He was twelve when I was born and pretty much became the father figure in my life instead. When I started school, my brother started to work for my father and only returned to prepare dinner for us.The next eldest, Sergio, was eleven when he took me under his wing. However, Sergio soon stopped taking care of me and spent more time with his amici. So, by age 8, I began to take care of myself.

Now, this is the first step in your journey before I go in too deep with my tale.Travel to Sensole, Montisola: this is my only hint.The rest will be in the following riddle.

To the place where winners eat
There’s a lady you will meet
With bright green eyes and wild dark hair
A similar Italian name is something you two share
She’ll be eating our favorite meal
At a certain time where there is a special deal
She’ll be waiting for two hours and nothing more
Each day she waits for you to come into that door

Loving you always,


Jenna turned the envelope upside down and the key dropped out. It was a silver key with a uniquely curved design. On the bow of the key was a small initial of the letter ‘G’. Her eyebrows furrowed with curiosity as she put the key back in the envelope.

She walked up the stairs, following the soothing song. Jenna discovered her mother sitting on a bed, cradling the music box in her hands. Jenna’s fist made a slight rattle as she knocked on the door. Her mother’s gentle eyes rose from the box and took notice to the letter and envelope in both hands.

“What’d she leave for you?”

“She wrote to me telling me to go to Italy. May I go?” Her mother paused and looked down at her silver box. She shut the top of the box, her face avoiding Jenna’s pleading eyes.


I really thank everyone who has left me kind comments so far and who has encouraged me to continue this story. I do want to ask again for any criticism that you can give to me for further improvement. Did something not make sense? Are there any weird phrases? Are there any grammar errors? Please leave all your criticism below! Thanks again.


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