Letters from the Heart

After Jenna’s close grandmother dies of old age, she is devastated. When her family is presented the will, she is left with an envelope as her inheritance. In the envelope is a letter that sets Jenna on a journey to discover her grandmother’s old life and possibly even discover herself.

Chapter 1

Chapter One

by: JaelinK
A small tear streaked down Jenna’s face as she clenched her teeth in an attempt to stop the pain. She knew that Meg, like all grandmothers, would reach their time in this world. That didn’t mean that her death wasn’t painful. That her heart wasn’t aching at the sight of the open casket and her grandmother’s stone cold face. Her mother squeezed Jenna’s hand to give her some comfort. Together, they walked closer to the grave, each holding a single red rose. Her mother was first.

“Goodbye, mother,” she croaked, laying down the flower and stepping back. Jenna then took a step forward and glanced at Meg before closing her eyes. She kissed the flower as she controlled her tears. She opened her eyes, laying down the rose, as she saw her grandmother’s face one last time.

Jenna was deeply engrossed in the book she was reading, so she was startled by the high tune of the doorbell. It was the loudest sound Jenna had heard since the funeral. Jenna and her mother both looked up at each other, as they were pretty well-prepared for this visit. Her mother nodded and stood to answer the door. A man with a lean figure and round glasses sat on the couch and joined their silence in the living room. Clearing his throat, he began to speak.

“Margaret, Meg, Johnson has left both of you something in her will.” He then turned to Jenna’s mother. “For you, she left half of the savings in her bank account. That is a total of 525,000 dollars. She also left you one more thing.” The man reached into the bag he had brought with him and pulled out a small white box. He then opened the box and revealed a silver container. Jenna looked at her mother and noticed that her eyes glimmered with tears. Her mother stood up slowly and walked up to the man. He handed her the item and she opened the mysterious silver box. A sweet and quiet medley came out of the music box, filling the room with a peaceful song. The tears began to fall.

“Excuse me,” her mother whispered and she excused herself from the room.

“You are Miss Jenna Patterson?” Jenna nodded, curious to see what the man would tell her. He reached into his bag and pulled out a thin, cream envelope. “This was left for you.” He softly handed her the letter and her fingers touched the smooth surface of it. Her hand tightened on the letter.

“Let me lead you out.” The man stood and followed her to the door, exiting the house. Jenna shut the door and looked at the letter. On the front of the envelope was Jenna’s name in a neat cursive.

Opening the seal on the envelope, she took out the creased sheet of notebook paper and began to read the words.

Special thanks to Sorceress150 who taught me how to bold, underline, and italicize.

If you have any story title ideas, please leave suggestions. That'd be well appreciated. Also, this is the first time I've ever tried to write an idea down into a story. So, please, if you have any helpful advice or constructive criticism to help me improve my story and my writing, comment down below. I'd really love to improve. Thank you!

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