Changing "Amaysie". PLEASE READ!!! (Updated)


Chapter 1

Uh...i'll think of something later

by: Amaysie
Well i don't really like the design of my OC. I'm gonna change it. IT'S STILL GOING TO BE ME! I'm still going to be myself. It's still going to be Amaysie and still going to be a unicorn. It's just...going to look different. It's not a very big deal but i just wanted to inform you guys so it wouldn't cause any confusion. I have no idea what it's going to look like so it's gonna take some time. When i've come up with some designs that i like i'm going to show them to you and let you guys tell me which one you think is best.

(By the way. I MIGHT (just MIGHT) change her name too. Because it doesn't make any sense and i came up with it a long time ago. I was young and english was VERY confusing back then sooo....yeah i MIIIIIIIIIIIGHT change it. And if i choose to change it: You can still call me Amaysie or Amy or Meyzie and OF COURSE you can still call me Waffles! XD


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