A Fairytale

A Fairytale

Ruth and Lucy were best friends but one day they were taken to a school for good and evil. They will play out their fairytale, but will they survive? In this school, once your story is written, you can't escape.

If anyone want's to write a chapter just message me about it and I'll respond as soon as possible!

Chapter 1

Best Friends

by: LunaQueen
Ruth sat on her bed reading her favourite book 'Love's curse' with her long blonde plaited hair over her left shoulder. When she finished reading the eighteenth chapter, she closed the book, put it on her bed and ran downstairs. "Mum, I'm going to visit Lucy!" she called out. "Ok, but you better be back before seven." her mother replied. Ruth swung open the door and jumped out, then shut it. She ran down the street with her blonde hair blowing in the breeze. "Wait up!" called a voice from behind her. It was her friend Hayley. "Hi Hayley." she said looking back. Ruth stopped without warning which made Hayley crash into her. "Sorry." she said. "Don't worry about it." Ruth looked at Hayley with a confused look. "I forgot to brush my hair. So what?" said Hayley, trying to flatten her ginger hair.

"Okay then." she replied. They both started to run towards a dark house and stopped at the gate. "Your going to see the witch?" asked Hayley. "She's my friend." replied Ruth as she stomped on Hayley's foot for being so rude. "I think I'll stay here." told Hayley, rubbing her foot. Ruth opened the gate. The sound of the rusty gate opening made the crows in the yard look over to Ruth. As she walked closer to the front door, a crow pecked her foot. "Hey!" she said with a kick. Ruth knocked on the door, she heard footsteps coming her way. The door opened and standing in front of her was a pale skinned girl about the same age as Ruth, with black hair that reached just above her waist, icy blue eyes, cracked lips, black skirt and shirt and slip-on shoes.

"Hey Lucy!" said Ruth with a smile and wave. "Hey." replied Lucy. A black cat sat beside Lucy looking up at Ruth. "And hello to you Phantom." she said again, petting the cat. "I see you've brought another one of your friends, there all the same around me, calling me a witch." said Lucy, looking over at Hayley. "Just because I live next to a graveyard, have a black cat and wear black, doesn't mean I'm a witch!" shouted Lucy. "That's not the reason, it's because your ugly!" replied Hayley, trying not to giggle. Lucy clenched her fists trying to control herself. "Don't listen to her Lu. Your very pretty." said Ruth, putting her hand on Lucy's shoulder. "Lu?" she asked, now looking at Ruth. "Your nickname." replied Ruth. "Oh."

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