Looking Back

Looking Back

single author story... hope u enjoy this is my first story.
Emma will be the only point of view. these are the characters i know will be in here- i might make up more along the way:

Jessica (or as Emma calls her, Jess)
Emma+Jessicas mom and dad
Skye (Maybe)

Chapter 1

Missing out

by: chosen1
I woke up and looked around my room.
Blue walls.
Yellow lamp.
Purple, blue, and yellow bedspread.
Harwood floor.
Purple rug.
I glanced at my alarm clock. It read 11:27. I was beginning to fall back asleep when I suddenly sat up straight like a jack-in-the-box. 'FRICK!' I screamed, then frantically started to dig through my closet for something actually decent to wear, for a change.

Mom never buys me anything to wear. She says my sister, Jessica’s hand-me-downs were just fine. Jess, on the other hand, buys forty million clothing things at the mall per day. NOT including shoes, makeup, and accessories!

'oh no, oh no, oh no, oh no!!!' I finally found an orange dress with pink lace over it, that came just above my knees. I slipped on my jean jacket and put on my favorite shoes- my mint-green all-star converse high tops.

I ran down the stairs so fast, I almost tripped on every step.

Quickly, I got a granola bar and choked it down.
'what’s the rush, Emma, sweetheart?' mom asked me.
'mom, have you forgotten?! I have to go to Amanda and Jessica’s party today!!'
I scanned the room.
'Shet! Jessica left already, didn’t she?'
'you just missed her… and Emma, I told you you’re too young to swear! You’re twelve, for heavens sake!'
'mom I didn't swear. I said shet, not shi-' I stopped myself from finishing my sentence. If I did, I was dead meat.
'anyway, can you give me a ride?'
'sure, hon. Lets go.'

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