Plot For Adoption - 03

Chapter 1

Original 03

This plot was surrogated by TessasAngel:

Jane always had an odd relationship with water. According to her mother, she tried to drown herself when she was four, dunking into the depths of her bubble filled bathwater and trying to breath it in. When attending her first swim lesson at the age of seven, she slipped away from the group as the lifeguard explained the rules, she jumped off the side of the pool, sunk to the bottom, and stayed there until someone's observing father noticed and started screaming for help. Terrified, her mother pulled her out of the lessons, telling Jane she would have to wait until she was older. Happenings like these were all too often as she grew up, finally subsiding when her family moved to the city, where their apartment only had a shower, public pools were too expensive, and the lakes were too far away. At the age of sixteen, those stories are just silly memories, nothing concerning. It isn't until Jane attends a party with her best friend, at the schools most popular girl's house outside of the city, that she starts to understand.
When she's pushed into the pool by a snarky popular kid, she can't swim, never having the opportunity to return to lessons. Her thrashing continues, as onlookers laugh. One of popular boys jumps in to help her, but it's too late, Jane has already sucked in a lungfull of water. . . and another. . . and another. . . and another. . . breathing it easier than she does air.
What happens next?
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