Degrassi Community School

My favorite TV show is Degrassi. I LOVE it and can't wait for season 13D. If you don't know it, you should watch it. I made a fan fiction of Degrassi of a girl who's new at Degrassi. I hope you read it and like it.

Chapter 1


Cast and characters:

Seniors (Class of 2013)
-Annie Clark as Fiona coyne:
She's a rich lesbian and has a crush on Imogen Moreno. She has a twin brother named Declan. She's redoubling 12th grade because she was a drunk last year and went to rehab over the summer. Friends: Degrassi alumn Holly J Sinclair, Eli Goldsworthy.
-Alicia Jasipovic as Bianca DeSoussa:
She's a bad girl who's learning to be smart and responsible. Friends: Fitz.
-Chloe Rose as Katie Matlin:
She's older sister to Maya and was bulimic last year. She loves soccer and is school president She dates Drew Torres. BFF: Marisol Lewis.
-Christine Prosperi as Imogen Moreno:
She's artistic and eccentric and is in a band. Friends: Eli Goldsworthy, Adam Torres, Fiona Coyne.
-Daniel Kelly as Owen Milligan:
He's older brother to Tristan and used to bully Adam Torres last year, with Fitz. He's a member of the hockey team.
-Demetrius Joyette as Mike Dallas:
He's captain of the hockey team and lives at the Torres house. Friends: Drew Torres
-Jake Neayem as Mo Mashkour:
He's overweight and loves music. He forms a band and dates Marisol Lewis. Friends: Jake Martin.
-Justin Kelly as Jake Martin:
He's ex-boyfriend and step-brother of Clare Edwards. Friends: Mo Mashkour
-Luke Bilyk as Drew Torres:
He's an athlete and older brother of Adam and is torn between dating Katie Matlin or Bianca DeSousa. Friends: Dallas
-Munro Chambers as Eli Goldsworthy:
He's goth, a talented writer/director who has bipolar. He used to date Clare Edwards. Friends: Adam Torres
-Shanice Banton as Marisol Lewis:
She's a popular captain of the Power Squad and student council VP. She dates Mo Mashkour and BFF: Katie Matlin.

Juniors (Class of 2014)
-Aislinn Paul as Clare Edwards:
She's younger sister of Degrassi alumn Darcy and ex-girlfiend/step-sister of Jake Martin. She used to date Eli Goldsworthy. She wants to be a journalist. BFF: Alli Bhandari, Jemma Middleton, Adam Torres
-AJ Saudin as Connor DeLaurier:
He's Mr. Simpson's god-son, who's a gifted student with Asperger's Syndrome and technical skills. Friends: Wesley Betenkamp, Dave Turner.
-Craig Arnold as Luke Baker:
He's brother of Becky, who is a conservative Christian and is on the hockey team.
-Jahmil French as Dave Turner:
He's friends of Wesley Betenkamp, Adam Torres and Connor DeLaurier. He used to date Sadie and Jacintha, who got hit by a car. He gets back together with Alli Bhandari.
-Jessica Tyler as Jenna Middleton:
She's a singer and plays the guitar. She used to date KC Gutherie and they had a baby Tyson, that they gave away to the Powells. BFF: Alli Bhandari, Clare Edwards.
-Jordan Todosey as Adam Torres:
He's a female-to-male transgender and younger brother of Drew Torres. Friends: Mike Dallas, Clare Edwards, Eli Goldsworthy.
-Melinda Shankar as Alli Bhandari:
She's younger sister to Degrassi alumn Sav Bhandari and likes science. She dates dave Turner. BFF: Jenna Middleton, Clare Edwards.!D11indy-3s.jpg
-Sam Earle as KC Gutherie:
His parents used to be in jail and he used to date Jenna Middleton, whom he had a baby with.
-Becky Baker:
She's a conservative Christian and brother of Luke.

Sophmores (Class of 2015)
-Dylan Everett as Campbell Saunders:
He's a homesick, depressed member of the hockey team.

Freshmen (Class of 2016)
-Alex Steele as Tori Santamaria:
She dates Zig Novak and is friends with Maya Matlin and Tristan Milligan.
-Lyle Lettau as Tristan Milligan:
He's younger brother of Owen and a loud-and-proud gay boy. BFF: Tori Santamaria, Maya Matlin.
-Olivia Scriven as Maya Matlin:
She's younger sister of Katie and cello player. later, she dates Campbell Saunders and is in a band.
-Ricardo Hoyos as Zig Novak:
He's a skateboarder who's insecure about his poverty. He dates Tori Santamaria and later, he's in a band. Friends: Maya Matlin and Damon.

-Cory Lee as Winnie Oh:
She is a media immersions and band teacher.
Stefan Brogren as Archie Simpson:
He's the principal of Degrassi Community School.

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