Christmas Morning (A Poem)

Christmas Morning (A Poem)

By the way, this poem is for Glee_and_cool_quotes_rule's Writing Contest.

Chapter 1


The snow drifts softly to the ground
So quiet and delicate, there is no sound
Nobody else is up at this time
Our Christmas tree fills the air with the scent of pine

I glance at the presents, wrapped in bright color
In the next room over, I can hear the snoring of my brother
The plate of cookies has been eaten
The glass of milk taken

What's that? Has someone awaken?
No, I guess not. I must be mistaken
The house is still silent, except for my breathing
While I'm wide awake, my family is still dreaming

I look out the window at the frosty white landscape
It's so perfect and untouched, with no definite shape
The snow shines bright, brighter than the rising sun
Wait, the sun's rising? I think the day's now begun

I hear stirring in a few rooms, my family is awakening
And I can make out the distance voices of a few carolers outside now singing


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