Please try to get others to join the contest!

Chapter 1


So, everyone who writes for my story contests always forget. Only about two people actually write for it. This is alike a story tournament but instead of two people going up against each other, teams go against each other. It's kinda like Hunger Games and it's kinda like Big Brother and it's kinda like The Bachelor and it's kinda like Biggest Loser. I don't know lol.

Anyways, I will set you into teams. Each team will also have to assign a captain. You can make secret alliances or you can actually work with your team or you can work on your own. I'll give you a topic and you'll write your stories/quizzes and stuff and I'll make a scoring system and score each of your stories. The team with the lowest score's captain has to choose two people on their team and put them up for eviction. These two people have to convince us why they should be in the "competition". We then vote who we want to get rid of. Then it starts over, again and again.

So, who's in? It must be an even number and I don't want too many. Feel free to invite your friends to join ♥

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