The Sorriest Angel, the Loveliest Demon

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

It's actually kind of hilarious
How I put the belt around my neck
And stood on the chair
And contemplated stepping off
And my mind was full of you

Not my family, though it should have been
Not of heaven or hell,
Though those are worth thinking about
Not even of the pain
But just my emptiness and worthlessness
And you

In the end, a rickety ceiling fan
Is what people would have called my savior
But if I'd wanted to die,
There are a million ways I could have done it
I didn't
Because my head was full of you
And I couldn't stand to leave you alone
To suffer the pain I'd leave behind

So thank you
For keeping me alive
If I didn't know better, I'd think you were an angel
But angels don't curse
And they don't have scars on their wrists
So, darling, if you're an angel
You're the sorriest of them all
But if you're a demon,
You're the loveliest one I've ever seen

And the only one I've ever loved

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