Ouran Highschool Host Club group story anyone?! :3

Probualy choosing authors on Friday

Chapter 1

Idea and Character Sign Ups

Ok so I was thinking in the story I could have a few transfer students who are really good one thing (good enough to get free into ouran unless you are rich) wether it be book smarts, sports, art, music, or anything else you go on a field trip to the school and get a feel for things and meet every one there. Then BAM they meet the Host Club and you're either joining (if you're a boy or you're like Haruhi) or going as a guest. They go on an unforgettable adventure with Haruhi and the gang!

Ok here's the sign up! :3
Rich/poor/in between:
Where you're from( accent or where your character actually lives):
Gift or whatever you're good at:
Love interest:

My Character-
Name: Esme Cloutier
Age: 16
Rich/poor/in between: in between
Personality: happy, funny, silly, prankster, easily lonely, down to earth, loyal, incredibly sarcastic, loves to make inappropriate jokes, sometimes be rude, cares about her friends, protective
Looks: http://www.quibblo.com/user/mortalinstruments411/photoalbum/2354919
Outfit: light green dress with a hat (same outfit from the picture) and ouran uniform
Family: all of her family except her grandmother (Chanelle age: 63) lives in France
Where you're from( accent/Where you're character actually lives): heavy French accent and from France
Gift (or whatever you're good at): anything artistic (paint, drawing, sculpting, etc.)
Pets(optional!): a Black and white cat with one green eye and one blue eye called Sebastian
Love Interest: Kaoru Hitachiin
Other: when she's angry she starts yelling in French randomly or when she is talking to someone she slips into french

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