"I'm not like other girls!!!1!111!"

Chapter 1


The declaration among the female gender that they're "not like other girls" is actually a source of a lot of anger for me.

That's probably not something you'd expect, because I probably seem like exactly the kind of pretentious, stuck up, arrogant girl who would go around claiming to be "different to other girls." And I can completely understand if you thought I'd be one of those people, because they're actually really, really common.

Why is it so hard for girls to just be like "Hey! raises hand See me? I'm like other girls! I am like other females! Yay for me!" What is so bad about being like a girl that you can't even say "I am like other girls and I am proud of that"?

Dear anyone who thinks they're "not like other girls;" fecking chill out. There are so many combinations of girl that it is inevitable that you are like some of them. And guess what? That's not a bad thing.

Being like other girls isn't going to make you f♥cking inferior.

Oh, so you wear crop tops and hipster glasses? Your phone case has a moustache on it? You play the ukelele? What's that you say? You're not like other girls?

Well congratulations you special little snowflake, I'd tell you to pick up your trophy on the way out but you probably think trophies are too mainstream for you. Have a bandana instead.

Why are you so proud of yourself for saying that? You are dissing your own gender. You're standing in front of me thinking yes those girls are awful, but I'm special, I'm not like that.

I just get sad when I see girls saying that, because I'd say there're about 3 million girls out there who say they're not like other girls. And you don't even recognise the contradiction.

When people use the phrase "I'm not like other girls," they're using it to portray the fact that they don't fit into the stereotypical box girls are placed in. They don’t wear makeup every day, or wake up early to do their hair, or wear skirts and dresses over jeans. And that's fine. Because guess what? There aren't that many girls who do.

What's not fine, is using this phrase to imply that you are somehow "superior" to the "other girls" that you're talking about. Being "unfeminine" and instead being "weird" or "quirky" doesn't make you a better person, no matter what your hipster blog says.

Guess what? Neither one is "better" than the other. Just because a girl wears makeup doesn't mean she's going to turn her nose up at a comic book. A girl wearing makeup doesn't make her a stone-cold, stuck up b♥tch who lives only to sh♥t on your dreams and look flawless while doing so. It means she likes to wear makeup. Maybe she own fourteen dresses, and hey, that's pretty cool. Maybe she own thirty pairs of shoes, and if you keep insinuating that because you're "different" that you're superior, you will not get to borrow any of her shoes. And if I were her, I'd throw them at your head.

Maybe you know a girl who's the other extreme. Maybe she own four pairs of dirty Converse and no other shoes. Maybe she doesn't own a hair dryer. Maybe the closest thing she has to "dress clothes" is a black dress that's interchangeable for weddings and funerals, and maybe if you think you're superior to this girl for being "different," she'll strangle you with her lovely black dress, because god knows I would.

If you use the phrase "I'm not like other girls," then I'd just like you to know that you are the female equivalent to the guys who say "I'm the nice guy who always finishes last." Neither of you are what you claim to be.

"I'm not like other girls."
That must be really hard to admit, are you okay?
So inspirational
Do you want a medal

Can we all start saying "I AM like other girls" because I know many amazing girls with many amazing characteristics shout out to my laydeeez y'all know who you are ;*

Anyway, in conclusion: that is one the most annoying, self-centered, labelling, degrading phrase you could ever say. What does “other girls” even mean? You mean you’re not like the other millions of women on the planet? Because of course all women are the same.. but you, you broke the mold right?? Sweetheart please, stop labelling all women in existence and focus on getting your head out of your asss.

It has occurred to me that I may have offended many people here...
But not as many as you offend by claiming to not be like "the other girls" whoopsie sorry I'm not sorry.

Feel free to yell at me in the comment. ;D


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